2 Good Samaritans have offered to sponsored Mr. Eke,s  ‘orphaned’ kids



    The 6th of June, 2016 was a day, God “visited” the Ekes, to wipe away their tears, after so many years of suffering and neglect, occasioned by a society, where love is a rare commodity. Mr. Eke, a Good Samaritan by nature, had taken up the responsibility to cater for 6 ‘orphaned’ kids, who their father had absconded from home, and their mother died thereafter from the burden of caring for them. Mr. Emma Eke,  who is from the same village with the kids’ mother, was now saddled with a huge burden of caring for the ‘orphaned kids’, added to his own four biological children. The sad reality was that, Mr. Eke, who had lost his job with a publication company, about five years ago, had to cope with the big responsibility of providing for a family of twelve. Their condition was really pathetic, until that fateful day, The Project-Help-a-Child team visited them in their Ijegun-Lagos residence. The team’s visit, indeed, brought fresh hope and succor to a family that was literarily at the threshold of despondency.

    During their visit, the Project-Help-a-Child team had assured Mr. Eke that they would get kind-hearted people to sponsors the kids, and considerably relieve him of the huge ‘load’ he was carrying. True to their promise, two good Samaritans have offered to sponsor two of the kids- a set of 11 years old  twins, both of them  girl. Their names are Elizabeth and Comfort. The sponsorship covers the children’s education, from primary school to university, and a monthly stipend given to their guardian, Mr. Eke ,for their upkeep.

    Let me kindly appreciate my beloved brother, Mr. Austin Iyoha, and Paybest Concept Ltd, who have volunteered to take responsibility, to sponsor these hapless kids. May, God continue to reward you guys, for your investment in the life of these children. You will not lack any good thing in life. Mr. Austin Iyoha is actually, my good brother, from Uromi and also a friend on facebook. He had contacted me about a month ago and signified interest to sponsor a poor child, as part of his support for this noble vision. My brother, Austin, may God continue to support the work of your hand for this kind gesture. The second sponsor, Mr. Emeka, who is using his company, Paybest Concept Ltd for the sponsorship, had an encounter with us during the Project-Help-a-Child campaign rally held on the 29th of May, last month. He had contacted us from the flyer he was given, and promised to sponsor a poor child too. With this kind act of love, you have shown to a seemingly hope family, Mr. Emeka, may God continue to prosper your company, Paybest Concept Ltd. Amen

    Mr. Eke, who came to the Project-Help-a-Child office in Ikeja,to complete the sponsorship process and get introduced to the sponsors, was full of praises for the sponsors and the Project-Help—a-Child team.  “ my brother, let me confess to you. Before you guys came to our house, we had given up hope on life. We thought God had forgotten us. But since the day, you guys came to visit us , it appeared a new lease of life had come upon the family. You guys have given us a reason to live again. It was like God ‘visited’ us………..” . Mr. Eke exclaimed.

    Beloved, we have about four of the children that are yet to be sponsored. With a minimum of just N1O,OOO OR $50 monthly donation, you can sponsor one or two of the children. We would support you to manage the sponsorship process, so you wouldn’t have to stress yourself. The only thing you do is to call the guardian, speak with the child, once in a while to establish connection with the child. We also encourage our sponsors to give love to their sponsored children, apart from their donations

    To avoid the abuse of the sponsorship process, by some parents. We undertake to manage the sponsorship donations.   We give half of your sponsorship donation to the guardian, monthly, for the child’s upkeep, and the other half is disbursed to the parent/guardian/school for the child’s education, with strict monitoring. And for the purpose of transparency/ accountability, regular updates of disbursement and evidences of payments are forward, via email to all our sponsors.

    Beloved, If God lays it in your heart to sponsor any of the remaining four kids, please inbox me, email info@projecthelpachid.com or call 08084701414.

    God bless you all

    Yes! Together we can create a world were no child lives in lack