70 Things Nigerian WIVES want and expect From their HUSBANDS

70 Things Nigerian WIVES want and expect From their HUSBANDS



1. Go and trim down your pot belly. Do not let people take you for our Father, when indeed you are our husbands. We love to see you exercise and eat less.

2. Mind and control your tongue and rage… Hear us out also.

3. Try to clean up the toilet after use… We don't always like sitting on wet toilets.

4. Be hospitable, how you receive our friends and families matter to us. Make them feel welcome by coming out to greet them not just a 'hi' or a 'nod'.

5. Dress neatly and smart always, look good for us with a nice body spray. We always love to see you look great.

6. Do not disrespect us, we want to feel respected even with our imperfections, correct us with respect.

7. Treat us like a Queen, make us feel important and we shall treat you back as our Kings.

9. Do not always claim right, just because you are the head of the home.

10. Be polite always.

11. Be quick to say "I am sorry".

12. Try to take us out on trips, excursions and fun places, not only to the Church.

13. We don't like tension, make us smile and laugh around you and we will always want to hang with you. Don't bring office stress home.

14. We love to give you good food, if you give us the cash that can prepare what you want to eat.

15. We may have to "nag" sometimes when you refuse to respond to our request [just as you do to office matters], and want us to believe in you to do it in your own time. Hello! Things might get spoilt.

16. If there are issues that need be addressed, let's thrash it out rather than form 'busy' or 'tired' and it's thrown under the carpet.

17. Do not prioritize others ahead of us. Make us your NUMBER ONE; Not your friends, your family or anyone around.

18. We love sex, but understand that stress is wearing us out and sometimes we would have been dried out due to your constant urge.

19. We know well how to be disciplined and wise in spending, don't let us have to be forced to lie about bills because you won't meet our other needs.

20. Be our friend and stop acting like our boss.

21. We can be jealous, do not get too close with the opposite sex on Social media. Seek our consent before accepting a female as Friend.

22. Help us with effective child training so we don't have to lie about you to the kids, by this we both will help them love and appreciate us.

23. Do not leave the home and go hang out with your friends, do not leave us all alone with the children unattended to.

24. Accept and relate well with our family members.

25. Assist us in paying the bills without being sarcastic.

26. Stop asking us many times who we are with on the phone…Stop being suspicious of our male colleagues.

27. Stop 'passwording' your phones…Except you have skeletons in your cupboard.

28. Help us with tending the kids. Constantly calling us for a little scream will make us feel frustrated. Its not a taboo if you assist in changing our baby's diaper and feeding them.

29. If you need our help, ASK, not bossing us around, we are your wives and not your maids.

30. Stop asking to know how we spend every dime. Just trust us and all will be well.

31. Help us with house chores since we are gladly helping you with bread winning by engaging in profitable business or jobs.

32. We have tried in nurturing your kids in the womb and with our breast which is worn out…Try to help us nurture yourself too…You are grown since you can also father babies.

33. Do not leave us at the mercy of your family members (our in-laws), we need you to stand for us.

34. Remove and Spread your shoes outside…Or else we may puke.

35. We are humans and we have our down moments, don't expect us to be looming sexy during those times.

36. We appreciate a 'ME' time where we don't go out with the children, but on our own with friends too.

37. Buying us gift even if its #1 won't be a bad idea, its not about the gift but the heart.

38. We are  humans like you, do not have unrealistic expectations of us. In fact expect less from us in terms of physical strength cos we are not as strong as you are.

39. Don't compare us with your female friends/colleagues/sisters, we don't like the comparison…

40. Always appreciate our little deeds of kindness to you, it goes a long way to make us smile….

41. Eating outside gets us pissed off, we do better than the restaurants.

42. Help us with the kids homework, we need to both reap the dividends of these kids or else don't get jealous when the kids show us more love than they show to you when they are grown.

43. Before you complain about the stretch marks and saggy breasts, remember, they made you a proud father..

44. Breakfast in bed isn't a bad idea you know? 😘. Going on a date with us without the kids is quiet intriguing.

45. It's not a bad idea if you help us in loosing our hair every Saturday, it makes us feel like your baby, so, stop complaining we don't make another hairstyle every Saturday, the complain makes us feel unappreciated. Remember, most of our weekends are occupied in caring and catering for you and our children.

46. Remember to pray for us secretly or openly, it goes a long way in reducing misunderstanding in our home.

47. Please continue with the pleasant surprises, love notes, sweet text messages you sent us during courtship, it will help to keep our love burning.

48. Don't take any decision behind us, remember we are partners in progress.

49. Allow us to correct you when the need arises, don't see our correction as insecurities but as we protecting our homes from evil. Don't always think your method is the best, we have experience too.

50. Helping us in going to the market atimes shouldn't be seen as abomination, infact, you can go the extra mile of helping to cook the food items you bought, it makes us see you really want to have a taste of what we go through in the market and in that hot kitchen, remember, you did not marry us to wear out so soon.

51. Whisper loving words in our ears and cuddle us once in a while, its not always about sex sex sex!

52. Telling us we look beautiful before going out in the morning is very important, let's not hear it first from another man outside.

53. Never ever forget important dates e.g birthday, anniversary etc. We can hardly forgive such errors.

54. Stop complaining about our not so flat tummy, rather proffer solutions, remember d pains we went through while bringing forth our children.

55. Support and encourage us to pursue our dreams until it becomes a reality. Many often get weary on the way to their desired height because of the complexity of being a wife, mother, career woman, in-law, sister, aunty, church worker.

56. Thy eyes shall not linger at another woman on the streets, it is an abomination….

57. Since our family planning side effects is that we get fatter, please learn to use the condom so we stay fit for you.

58. You can as well help us in the family planning especially when we have completed our family… Men also have a permanent solution to family planning.

59. You can teach us how to be better in bed, rather than going to be pleasured at the laps of Delilah.

60. Don't always query us when you call and we were not able to pick the call immediately. It could be when we were cooking your meals and washing the dishes.

61. Allow us watch our favourite channels too instead of watching football all the time.

62.  We will appreciate if you respect our feelings. Always remember we are from different backgrounds, so cut down your too many expectations.

63. Always remove your shoes at the door. Don't wear them into the sitting room. We sweep everyday and it affects our waist. With time, we may not be able to enjoy having sex with you as a result of waist pain.

64. Don't compare our upbringing with yours, it always sound like our Parents did nothing.

65. Feel free to share your fears and doubts with us, remember, no one's got your back better than us. Together, we become the 'two' that are better than 'one'.

66. We will appreciate if you call our Parents and family members with the frequency and passion with which we call yours.

67. Be observant; take note of our mood swings [it’s not our fault, our hormones are at it again]. Sometimes, we act like babies, we just need you to pet us, so don't ignore us.

68. Before you complain about our shabby appearance, ask yourself if you have done the needful.. Its not that we don't want to appear great…. When you walk past those shops, don't just admire those classy wears, walk in there and get some for us, we believe you know our sizes already.

69. We will appreciate if you can keep our family matters private…Don't even discuss our sex life with your friends and colleagues, it's just ridiculing.

70. Always include our Parents in your budget/plans…. Don't forget them whenever we go shopping..

Lots of love,
From Committee of Wives.


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