A clergy man feeds the poor, says religion is service to humanity

A clergy man feeds the poor, says religion is service to humanity


When the knowledge of God comes, Jefferson assured the crowd of beneficiaries who thronged the church premises that they would not suffer again. “We are giving you physical and spiritual food, the physical you would carry home today but the spiritual would guarantee that God would change your story.“

He said the masses are suffering “not because the enemy is too strong. It is because of the lack of knowledge.”

Jefferson goes down memory lane to reveal how the programme originated about fifteen years ago. “Sometime ago, I was waiting for help and I was hungry. One woman, Mrs. Bashorun, in our neighbourhood cooked food and sent to me. That Christmas I was very hungry and there was nothing in my house and my child was hungry. As I was eating the food, I thanked God and he spoke to me saying that I should be feeding the poor, promising to turn my life around.”

Jefferson also used the opportunity to give Nigerians his revelations about the New Year. “The Lord said it is going to be a year of celebration for His children. So it would be great for Christians to stand together while the rich churches stand for the poor. By this time next year, we want more lives to be transformed.”


As far as the political class is concerned, Jefferson said that there is so much that needs to be done by those in authority. “It seems like the political class is not serious, they are busy writing letters when they should be working. The nation is bleeding and they need to take the people out of the shadows.”

Jefferson came to Lagos in September 89 to start the first branch of Winners’ Chapel for Bishop Oyedepo in Iyana Ipaja.