A group distributes free clothes to the poor in Lagos,to establish a...

A group distributes free clothes to the poor in Lagos,to establish a cloth bank


A humanitarian organization, Voice of Change Network International , recently in Lagos, stormed the Ajegunle-Ikorudu community to distribute free clothes to poor children and adults.  This was done under the auspices of its Project- Help-a-Child Cloth Bank Initiative.

According to the leader of the group, Mr. Azemobor Gregory, the cloth bank initiative was borne out of the need to provide clothing to millions of children and adult in Nigeria, who do not have sufficient clothes to wear. He observed that while many people go about naked or scantily dressed, yet many rich and average families have heaps of unused clothes stacked up in their wardrobes. This cloth bank initiative according to him was launched to bridge the gap between those that have abundant clothes and those that have none.dsc_0741dsc_0754

Speaking, during the free cloth distribution program in Ajegunle, Ikorodu,  which is the  inaugural event to kick start the campaign,  Azemobor said, “ We are here today, to kick start the cloth bank campaign. The aim of the initiative is to help provide free clothing to millions of children and adult who do not have clothes to wear. What we do is to collect unused clothes  from rich and average income families, and distribute those clothes to the poor. This project is so timely in Nigeria, especially during this period of recession where many Nigeria families could barely feed not to talk of buying clothes for their kids”

Speaking further, Azemobor said “This initiative is in line with our Project- Help-a- Child Global Campaign that is envisioned to ‘create a world where no child lives in lack’. We are determined to ensure that every poor child in Nigeria is provided adequate clothing. Let me also use this opportunity to enjoin Nigerians to be their brother’s keeper and, learn to always give to the poor and the needy around them. Look, if you have some clothes that you have not worn for the past six months, I do not think you need those clothes. Please give them out to the less privilege around you, who obvious need for them. Do you even know that your children’s clothes that are stacked up in the wardrobe can bring great succor to a poor family? Come on, let us show some love to each other!”

“The vision of the Project-Help-a-Child Cloth Bank is to build a big warehouse that will serve as a massive collection and distribution centre for used clothes, shoes, school bags toys etc. The rich and average families can walk in and drop their unused children and adult clothes, and other items. While the poor can also walk in with their children to get free clothes. The facility will also have a laundry, barbing saloon and free food kitchen”

The  Ajegunle-Ikorodu free clothes distribution was a massive success as residents: children , adults and the elderlies trooped out amidst the showers of rain to benefit from the gesture. They were full of smiles as they thank the Project-Help-a-Child team for their noble vision.

The free clothes distribution program is going to be done on monthly basis and the organization is using this medium to appeal to kind- hearted Nigerians to support the project by sending in their unused clothes .  Just give them a call and they would be there to pick up. Call 08084701414,





The team specially appreciate all those that gave their used clothes to support this initiative. May God Almighty cause men to show you kindness in your time of need.
Beloved, The Free clothes distribution will be done on monthly basis.
You can support this initiative by sending us your kids' used clothes, shoes, school bags, toys etc. we also need used clothes for adults.
where ever you are, just give us a call and we we would pick them up. Call The Team on +2348084701414, +2348087656176

email: info@projecthelpachild.com

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