A group launches a N600 million campaign to help poor kids with heart surgery


    By Azemobor Gregory

    "Last month, we were able to raise about N0.8million for baby Elijah Ayanu for his heart surgery, which hopefully will take place this month.Mrs Ayanu, the mother of the baby told us about the plight of many other children whose poor parents were also struggling to raise money for their children's surgery. Based on her compassionate appeal, we sent our representative to assess the situation in the hospitals, and the report he brought back was really pathetic. During his visit to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, he met a lot of parents that were stranded numbering close to hundred , who could not afford the huge amount( about N3million) needed for their children' operation. The same tale of neglect was replicated in LUTH( Lagos University Teaching Hospital)DSC_0277

    We also went to Kanu Heart Foundation, where shockingly, we discovered that the so-called charity organization collects N15,000 registration fee from poor parents with no guarantee that their wards would be assisted with their free heart surgery.This discovery was really annoying. "why should they collect a nonrefundable fee from poor parents with no guarantee of assistance". This was a question we could not get an answer for. This action on their part is rather preposterous and callous!

    it is just unfortunate that we live in a wicked world.where the government or religious organisations do not care for anybody. And even NGOs take undue advantage of the plight of the poor to make quick money. what a cruel world!

    In a compassionate response to the plight of this hapless families, we have decided to launch a fund raising campaign to save the lives of about 200 indigent children. we have started with the compilations of their profiles . we hope to complete this exercise in a couple of weeks. Thereafter, we would begin the fund raising campaign proper. we are using the Social media, radio, Television and the print media for this campaign. Thankfully, we have already struck a partnership deal with Tristate Cardiovascular centre in Babcock University, The hospital will handle all the surgery.DSC_0283

    Hopefully, we believe that with God on our side, and with your kind support we can pull through with this lofty project, to save the lives of these 200 indigent kids
    God bless you all. Watch out as we begin to unveil the children one after the other for public assistance. All assistance for this kids are usually directed to the parents or the hospital.
    Together we can create a world where no child lives in LACK!"