A Group Set To Empower One Million Nigerians By The Year 2020

A Group Set To Empower One Million Nigerians By The Year 2020



It seems like a ray of hope has finally dawned on millions of jobless Nigerians who have been praying for financial breakthrough, as a Humanitarian Organization, Voice of Change Network Int’l has commenced her free empowerment and financial/business consultation project.

Speaking with Newsmen on the project, the president of the Organization, Mr. Azemobor Gregory stated that the rationale behind the project was as a result of the unemployment, poverty, and depression ravaging the country and the economy, which to him is quite deplorable considering the human and natural resources abundant in the country.

He noted that the hardship among Nigerians is increasing constantly, and if necessary measures are not taken by government and Individuals, the situation would get worse. In his own words, “Nigerians are facing economic hardship in the country, and we cannot afford to fold our hands and watch. The population is growing by the day, and I must confess you that if we continue in this way, things won’t get any better; rather, they would get worse, because you cannot continue doing the same thing and expect a different result. We should not be blaming the government, or expecting the government to determine the quality of our lives. It is in our power to decide what we want to make out of our life”. He highlighted that the network has commenced a weekly free financial empowerment training/business consultation which would help aspiring entrepreneurs to learn and startup businesses with little or no capital. According Mr. Azemobor, what people need most times is not money, but a good idea, and the right information.

He also pointed out that the Organization is not limiting its empowerment program to entrepreneurs only, but also to job seekers in the labour market. ‘We are also spreading the goodwill to the thousands of job seekers in the labour market. We will unveil to them the secret on how they can get their dream jobs by selling ideas to companies, and writing proposals, rather than sending in an application letter. We are doing this as our contribution towards alleviating poverty in our country, and we believe that with the success we have recorded in just two weeks of commencement, we would no doubt be able to empower at least one million Nigerians by the year 2020”, he concluded.

The empowerment and training takes place every Wednesday from 12-4pm at No 1 Bayode Oluwole Street, by Balogun Bus Stop, Off Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos State. For those outside Lagos, you can be a part of the training by sending an email to vocempowerment@gmail.com.You can also reach the facilitator on 08061343300