A humanitarian group gives hope to indigent children through education scholarship

A humanitarian group gives hope to indigent children through education scholarship




WP_20160204_003As the new school term commences nation-wide, and pupils from their various homes resumed school, there is usually palpable apprehension experienced by parents as they contend with the financial difficulties in paying their children school fees.

Miss Naomi Ihgerio, a 23 year old single mother of two, sought the aid of Voice of Change Network International( VOCNI), when she visited the organization headquarters at No1, Bayode Oluwole Street, Balogun bus-stop, Awolowo way, Ikeja.

Her circumstance, as narrated by her, was a case of misguidedness as she fell victim to the flattery of the father of her two children.

She, a mere trader, realized her inability to fend for both children after she gave birth to the second on the 8th of December, 2011; and she was welcomed with open arms by the team of VOC Network International in 2015.  VOCNI had made a commitment to take full responsibility for the upkeep of one of her children, David. This commitment covers the child’s education and monthly allowance for the child’s upkeep. The boy was enrolled into a Nursery school last year October, and since then VOCNI has ensured that monthly allowance is sent to the mother for the child’s upkeep.

Master David Igherio, is one among the numerous children, that VOCNI has given full scholarship, under the auspices of her Project Help a Child Initiative. The aim of project- help- a –child campaign, is to inspire capable adults, globally, to care for the children of the poor amongst us, through provision of scholarship or full sponsorship extend to them. This gesture displayed by VOCNI, is to lead by example and champion the noble cause of creating a world where no child lives in lack.

The Project Administrative  of VOCNI, Mr. Bennett Chukwuonu, carried out the task of paying yet again another term’s fee, yesterday for young Master David Ihgerio, a four year old who is presently in kindergarten One.

This responsibility was carried out effectively as instructed by the International coordinator of VOCNI, Mr. Gregory Azemobor, who is ever searching and ready to help those in need.

As the Project Admin officer met the Bursar, Mrs. Elizabeth Adekanye, and handed over the school fee, he took a tour of the facilities to ensure that it is a safe environment for the now VOCNI beneficiary.

The Seda Philips Montessori School is an institution that proves promising for the academic development of the child David, but it is with all hope that the VOCNI would take their young child, Master David, to greater heights and to the tertiary institution as that’s their vision for him.

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