A Humanitarian group launches” Project Adopt a Child” campaign for poor children

A Humanitarian group launches” Project Adopt a Child” campaign for poor children


10505560_925115394176383_2629276090533550411_nTo a lot of individuals and organizations in Nigeria, the 27th day of May was just another boring day that the Federal Government has set aside to celebrate the Children annually. But to a unique and trustworthy Humanitarian Organization named Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach, it was a day that saw the birthing of their long-anticipated campaign rally that would launch a worthy project with global influence; The Project Adopt a Child. The rally which was held at Ikeja Bridge, Awolowo Way was a beauty to behold as people from all walks of life participated in the rally.

11150468_978206988886182_7997944330090466531_nThe participants, resplendent in their various colored t-shirts branded with the project’s title were seen parading the road, and enthusiastically handing out the flyers aimed at sensitizing the public to the impactful benefits of the project to humanity. The participants also bore beautifully designed placards bearing thought-provoking inscriptions like “every child is your child”,’ “only love can heal the world”, “human life is more valuable than houses and cars”,etc. Speaking at the rally, the coordinator of the group, Mr. Gregory Azemobor stated, “Voice of Change is an organization that is committed to encouraging people to do good. The world has lost the consciousness of doing good. Selfishness and greed is now being abetted and even celebrated in our society, while virtue and integrity is being scoffed at .We are here to encourage people all over the world to do good; to be their brother’s and sister’s keeper, and we also celebrate any man or woman who does something, no matter how little, to be a blessing to his or her fellow man.

10410899_982623878444493_801202973375875984_nProject adopt a child was birthed out of the desire to see children lead meaningful lives. The idea behind the project is to encourage men and women everywhere to see every child on the streets as their own children. We are encouraging adults to take full responsibility for the wellbeing and upkeep of a child that is not their biological child .You don’t have to take the child into your home. Just go to the parents and tell them from today, you will be taking care of the child’s feeding, clothing and education from childhood to adulthood. That’s what we are talking about.” Speaking further, Mr Azemobor highlighted the aims of Project Adopt A Child which are as follows:

a) It will give hope to hopeless children

b) It will promote universal brotherhood

c) It will help to reduce poverty

d) It will be a veritable tool to combat the menace of crime and insecurity ,as neglected children easily become criminals and societal misfits

e) Ultimately, it will help to restore the much needed peace and stability in the world

He called on men and women all over the world to be a part of the project. ”We don’t need your money. All we are saying is that you take up the responsibility for a child of the poor. If you have been blessed with money, invest in building lives, rather than in building houses and acquiring properties. This is true riches. The poorest man on earth is the man that lives a selfish and self-centered life. Let’s think beyond our immediate family, and try to be a blessing to one child out there. We want a million adults to take responsibility for a million children. That’s our message. “In attendance were various highly placed people known for their moral character and integrity. One of such persons was Mrs. Josephine Ugwu, the honest airport cleaner who found and returned 12 million naira at the Lagos state international airport.

For more information on Project Adopt A Child Campaign,you can call the

Coordinator on 08033264815,or Austin on 08084701414.Visit our website at www.vocinternational.com

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The campaign rally started around 9am and ended by 11;30am.