A prayer for a perverted church- By Austin Edoho

A prayer for a perverted church- By Austin Edoho


Father of mercy,I beseech you,look down from heaven,forgive our sins,and heal our land.We have left the old path and have created for ourselves steep roads that lead to destruction.We have shunned your habitation where truth & righteousness dwells,and have turned to worship centres that are nothing but entertainment centres and social clubs.

Forgive us for labelling your true servants as antichrists and demons,while the snakes and the wolves are venerated among us.Father,look again at your church,for magicians, socerers,entertainers and comedians have taken over the pulpits,and your name has been blasphemed amongst them.

You didn't send your son to die so we could have large and beautiful auditoriums,have mega churches,drive the best cars,and fly private jets.He came so we might know you,the only true God.We have gone far away from you Lord without even knowing,because of the deceitfulness of riches and the pride of life.Your prophets now give sweet and fake prophecy for money.Your pastors now use their pulpits to campaign for politicians.Our church pews are now filled with lesbians and fornicators who clap during the message,and they leave the same way they came without being convicted of their sins,because the pastors have stopped talking about sin and righteousness.

Our nation is weeping because of bloodshed and hardship,because we have abandoned you and your ways.Our pastors were busy prophesying for politicians because of money and connection,but now that things have fallen apart,where are they?Lord,I pray for myself and everyone of my people. Please forgive us,and revive us once again,that the bones which you have broken may rejoice.Save us from the error of our ways.Avert the bloodshed.Turn our hearts back to you.Let your fire of revival burn away the coldness and indifference in our hearts.Prepare us for your coming Lord,so we do not pursue the pleasures of this world and lose out on d last day.Hold us with your mighty hand.Keep us from the evil one,and make us true ambassadors of your kingdom in Jesus name