Abandoned Mother of Triple Twins: A Group Offers Scholarship for One Set...

Abandoned Mother of Triple Twins: A Group Offers Scholarship for One Set of Twins


DSC_0060By Bennett Chukwuonu,

Providence indeed has been kind to the popular, hapless mother of triple twins, Mrs Ruth Uche, whose husband ran away, and abandoned her, when she gave birth to the last set of twins. During her period of travail, many kind hearted Nigerians, including the Honorable speaker of Lagos State house of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, extended their hand of love towards the family.
A notable, global, humanitarian organization, Voice of Change Network International, also visited the family, gave cash gift and promised full scholarship for one set of the twins. This scholarship covers from Primary school to university for the twins. The organization has since fulfilled their promise and commenced the payment of school fees, by enrolling the twins in a nearby private school where the Uches live.
This kind gesture, Voice of Change Network, extended to the Uches, is a practical demonstration of the organization’s vision to “create a world where no child lives in lack”. its pet project, “Project Help a Child” was launched recently in Lagos, during their “International Change Agents Conference”. According to the international Coordinator of the group, Mr. Azemobor Gregory, who spoke during the event, said, “ Project Help a Child” was birthed out of the desire to see less privilege children lead meaningful lives. The idea behind the project is to encourage men and women all over the world to see every child on the street as their own. This project encourages every adult to take full responsibility for the well being and upkeep of a child that may not necessarily be their biological child or a child of a relative”.
DSC_0129Speaking further, he said “God created a world, where every parent ought to see every child on the street as their own. If we live according to this principle, no child will have any reason to live in lack. What society fails to realize is that those children we neglect and abandon today, would eventually grow up to constitute nuisance to societal peace and security” The vision of Project Help a Child, in his words is to “ inspire 100 million people all over the world to care for 100 million children of the poor”.
He recognized the following as the benefits of this laudable project to humanity: The project will give hope to hopeless children; It will promote universal brotherhood; It will help to reduce poverty; It will be a veritable tool to combat the menace of crime and insecurity, as neglected children easily become criminals and societal misfits; ultimately, it will help to restore the much needed peace and stability in the world.
The family of the Uches, who were in attendance, could not hide their joy as Emeka Uche, the woman’s husband ( who had since returned home, because of the love Nigerians showed to the family) , spoke with profuse appreciation to Voice of Change Network, “ God will continue to bless this organization for the scholarship they have offered to my children. When my wife told me of their visit and the promise of scholarship they made, while I was away, I did not believe. But I was surprised that, sometimes in September, this year when schools had resumed for first term, an official of the organization came to where we live, followed us to the school where we enrolled our children, paid the complete fee for one set of the twins. I could not believe my eyes! I thought I was dreaming. It was too good to be real. My prayer is that God will continue to bless every member of Voice of Change Network, and indeed, all Nigerians who provided for us. Our lives have turned around. With the money my wife got, we have started a restaurant business. Thank you all! We are grateful”

DSC_0103Voice of Change Network Int’l, the organizers of “Project Help a Child” campaign, is using this medium to appeal to kind-hearted people all over the world to support the vision of this project. To do this, just identify a poor family around you, walk up to them and volunteer to take full responsibility for the upkeep of one or two of their children. The child may still live with the parents, while, you render this support. You may decide also, to provide only scholarship for poor children. Many children are out of school because their parents could not afford to pay their fees. Many children in orphanage home need people to adopt them. Orphanage home are not supposed to be a place where children grow into adulthood. You can adopt a child today! Those beautiful children need parents. You are their parent!. You can make a difference in the life of a poor child now! Make that move to invest in building lives, which is your only true investment on earth.
Voice of Change Network International also has a number of poor children in our data base. We would gladly link you up to their parents or guardian, at your request. Please call 08084701414. As you do this, God will richly bless you.