Abandoned mother of triple twins: A group sponsors the education of a...

Abandoned mother of triple twins: A group sponsors the education of a set of twins



DSC_0061Seven (7 )months ago was just like yesterday as the story of the woman who gave birth to a third set of twins went viral. The early discovery of the twins, prior to their birth, led to the disappearance of their father, Citizen Benjamin Uche who later returned sober to his family.

The mother, Mrs. Rita Uche, received several media and public attention after her desperate attempt to seek help led to her situating herself under a tree at the Lagos State secretariat with her three set of twins.

Her narration of her pitiful circumstance which resulted in a wide media coverage caused the return of her run-away husband and also led to a lot of promises from well-wishers.

One of the well-wishers is the Voice of Change Network International, who promised to sponsor the education of the second set of twins, John and Joyce, from primary school to the tertiary institution.

The VOC Network International have begun a train of success in their goal to seek the fulfillment of their promise. They have commenced the scholarship offer for John and Joyce by enrolling them in a private school in the neighbourhood where the Uches now live. In addition, they have also established a cordial relationship with the Uches, so they could always counsel and continue to empower the family.

On the 2nd of February, 2016, the International coordinator of the VOC Network International, Mr. Gregory Azemobor, along with his team, paid the Uches a visit in their new home at 32, Havilla Estate, Murphy bus-stop Matogun Oke-aro, Ogun State.

DSC_0062They were warmly welcomed by the family and Mrs. Uche made a comment to the VOCNI International coordinator after he made a positive remark about the hospitality of her husband who purchased some soft drinks for the guests.

“It will hurt him very well if you leave without eating or drinking anything because he likes giving, forget the fact that he does not have much,” she explained.

The family proceeded to take the VOC correspondents to Mustard Plant College, where their children study, after which Mr. Gregory Azemobor handed over the school fees for this new term to the proprietor. Addressing the proprietor of the school, Azemobor said “what we are doing here today is in line with our ‘Project Help a Child’ initiative. We want to inspire rich people all over the world, to reach out and care for the children of the poor, by taking responsibility for their upkeep. You can walk up to a poor family and tell them you want to care for one or two of their children. This will entail sending monthly allowances for the child’s feeding, clothing, medical and education. The child essentially becomes your non biological child. If we do this, we could create a world where no child lives in lack. Do you know that these children society neglects are the one that turn out to become criminals, terrorist, kidnappers, rapist, prostitutes, who hurt our collective peace”

DSC_0051The VOCNI further went ahead to visit the children in their various classes and asked the parents questions related to the welfare of their children and themselves, of which the response was positive. The Uches also led the team to their restaurant. The team was amazed when they got to the place, it was a thriving food business. According to them, they set up the restaurant business from the donation they received from Nigerians during their travail.  They have even expanded to open another shop, where they sell raw food item. Amazing! The name of the restaurant is called “ God’s Time”

DSC_0059 Indeed, God has been faithful to this family. They are now very comfortable. Many Nigerians came to their aid during their time of travail, and lifted them up out of poverty. Many times to all the kind hearted Nigerians that supported them financially. We also acknowledge the immense role played by the media, especially Lindaikejiblog to bring their plight to the public domain