Airport woman who returned money gets her first salary (photo)

Airport woman who returned money gets her first salary (photo)


ugwuThis article was sent in by Chukwudi Iwuchukwu, a PR consultant and Nigerian Lawyer. Read below

“You remember a few weeks ago when I posted the picture I took with that honest lady who returned N17 million she found at the toilet of the Lagos International Airport? You remember I had said someone had asked me to go fish her out for a reward? You remember this person promised to pay her salary every month for one year?

Well, upon his return from his trip, this man (he has chosen to remain anonymous) sent me the sum of N50,000 which represents the amount he has committed to pay Josephine every month for the next one year.

But interestingly, just as we were driving with her from the airport, a lady working at the toll plaza got interested when Josephine insisted I was not going to pay the toll fee. She showed her ID card which the lady at the gate claimed did not prove she was a staff.

When I mentioned she was the lady that returned those millions, the Toll Plaza girl lit up and informed her someone had been looking for her to give her a scholarship that will enable her improve her education.

You see? Josephine de Honest. In the pics is Ikem Okuhu and the honest woman Josephine

Editor’s note: It might interest you to know that Voice of Change Network International was the first people to reward mrs Ugwu for her act of integrity. Hundreds of other groups and other individuals have been inspired by this act,and have emulated it.This is just one of them!