An NGO that rehabilitate ‘government’ roads, receives commendation

An NGO that rehabilitate ‘government’ roads, receives commendation



A non-governmental initiative, De-Real Community Self-Help Project has received commendation for their noble effort in rehabilitating several roads in Matogun-Oke-Aro community in Ifo Local Government area of Ogun State. The group was presented with the Certificate of Selfless Service to Humanity, by the Project-Help-a-Child Initiative, for their immense contribution in bringing great relief to the people of Oke-Aro community.DSC_0451

For many years now, the people of Matogun-Oke-Aro community have had to grapple with the near absence of government presence as reflected in the lack of basic infrastructure that ought to make life meaningful for them. The road network in this area is sadly deplorable. No single road is tarred. Each time it rains, the roads are impassable and this has caused untold hardship to the hapless residents.

They had made countless appeal to the state government to come to their aid, but no positive response was forthcoming. They were completely neglected by the government and they have had to live with their woes.  But finally, they would now have some respite as a community development NGO had moved in to help rehabilitate some of their roads. This gesture no doubt will bring a lot of relief to the residents.DSC_0518

 Within a spate of one year, De-Real Community Self-Help Project has rehabilitated several roads which includes:  Oluwo Street; Toyin Street to Giwa road amongst others. Presently work is ongoing in Matogun along the Oke-aro road. The leader of the group, Mr.  Oyebowale Oladayo, and his team have been able to reconstruct and dress a slope along Beaulah bus stop, Oke-Aro road, Matogun. They have also rebuilt a clogged, crippled drainage and also filled up large areas of eroded strips of land in the area.

Speaking to the Project-Help-a-Child Team during who visited the group, Mr. Oladayo appreciated the members of the public who support their various projects through voluntary donations as they pass by. Hear him, “ I really want to appreciate Nigerians who give generously to support our projects: some give money while others support us with materials like stones, asphalt, equipment etc. To be frank with you, the only limitation we have right now is finance. If we get more financial support, we would do more for this community. Let me quickly add by saying that what we are doing is actually to send a message to Nigerians that we can develop our community without necessary waiting for the government. By doing this, we take our destiny in our hands to make life comfortable for all”

DSC_0544The international co-ordinator of Voice of Change Network International, Mr. Azemobor Gregory, who is also the leader of the Project-Help-a-Child team ,while presenting the Certificate of Selfless Service to Humanity, to the group remarked, “ We are here as  representatives of God to acknowledge your good deeds and to honour you as true heros of Change. Even if society fails to appreciate your noble deeds, but, God has seen all your selfless service to humanity. Well done my brothers!  You guys are the true celebrities”

Speaking further, Azemobor said “ We give this Certificate of Selfless Service to Humanity to individuals and organizations who have distinguished themselves by making sacrifices to create a better society. This we hope, will inspire others to also toe the path of nobility”