Angola humanitarian group helps street kids realize their dreams

Angola humanitarian group helps street kids realize their dreams


angola kids” I have a dream”, This were the famous words of Martin Luther King Jr, a Baptist minister from America.  King had a dream that everybody should be treated equally. He lived in America at a time when people were treated very differently based on the colour of their skin. Inspired by his Christian faith, King was determined to show the world that everybody was equally loved and valued by God. He dreamt that his children would not be discriminated against as he was, and he also worked hard to make that happen. He campaigned peacefully to the government for everyone to have equal rights, and encouraged lots of other people to get involved too.

In a similar vein, an Angola based humanitarian organization, Omunga, is set to realize King’s dream of a better world, by providing succour for less privilege children on the street, amongst who is a homeless teenager, Vanuza Sabalo.

Vanuza Sabalo is 18 and she also has big dreams for her future. She lives in Angola and has had a very difficult life so far. She had to leave home when she was only seven years old and ended up living on the streets. Because she didn’t have anywhere safe to stay, she was badly treated by lots of people. But through the work by Omunga, an organisation supported by Christian Aid, Vanuza now has her own home – it’s very simple but she is safe and can concentrate on living and dreaming, rather than being scared about the future. When  Vanuza was asked what she liked about working with Omunga and having her own home, she said: ‘I like everything. I like to have visitors. I’m doing a literacy course. I enjoy it very much. I want to be a doctor. Actually I have two options – I want to be either the director of the National Institute of the Child or to be a doctor. Because they have helped us and I want to help other people.’ Omunga campaign for the rights of street children, and other people who have had their houses destroyed, to make sure that everyone has somewhere safe to live. Just as Martin Luther King was inspired by his God-given dream of a fairer world to campaign for equal rights, Omunga is very determined to make sure that the future is better for people like Vanuza who have been ignored or discriminated against because of their situation. They show us that we can all be part of God’s dream for us to work together to bring the Kingdom to earth. In Ephesians 3:20 it says that because God is at work in us, together with God we are able to accomplish more than we could ever imagine. As we think about our dreams for this year and the future, let’s remember the dreams of Martin Luther King and his determination to end injustice, and the dreams of Vanuza to help others just as she has been helped. Let’s pray that by working with God we will achieve more than we could ever dream of in making the world a better place.