Automatic Fuel Siphon Pump

Automatic Fuel Siphon Pump


If you have been in search for a novel business opportunity that is easy to start and yet promises a high return on investment. Search no further! That million- naira business opportunity is right here in front of you!

This is no business hype! This is not about investment gimmick! It is about buy and selling. It is about selling a tangible product that you can see, feel and touch.

This product is called –Automatic Fuel Siphon Pump.

I am happy to introduce the lucrative distributorship opportunity of fuel siphon pump to you. This business will change your financial life within 6 months provided you are committed, determined and hardworking. Please stay with me as I take you through a detailed analysis of how to get started, the profitability and the marketing strategy that will determine your success in the business.pump


The profitability of any business is a function of the product need, market potential, and the marketing strategy employed by the distributor. let us analyze these variables one after the other, with respect to the profitability of distributing the fuel siphon pump.

The product need:

The need to conveniently transfer fuel from jerry – can to generator tank or car tank has necessitated the use of battery operated siphon pump. below are some of the benefits.

  • it is automatic and convenient
  • it prevents fuel spillage and wastage
  • it is easy and safe to use
  • it is powered using three big batteries i.e. (3x 1.5v)
  • it is ideal for use to transfer diesel, petrol and kerosene, water

Disadvantages of traditional fuel transfer method

Traditionally, people transfer fuel from jerry – can to car tank with the use of hose-pipe, they activate the flow of fuel by sucking with their mouth, this method is very unsafe. They also cut table water bottle as a funnel, insert it into the car tank opening and pour fuel. This method often leads to a lot of fuel wastage.

To transfer fuel from jerry – can to generator, they open the generator tank and pour fuel. This method requires strenuous effort especially for ladies. This could also lead to fuel spillage and wastage in the process of pouring.

The epileptic power supply and the intermittent fuel scarcity in the country have heightened the use of fuel siphon pump as the most convenient and reliable means of fuel transfer.

Market potential

The market potential for this product is so huge and untapped. The targeted customers include:

1.       End-users: homes, offices, schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, where they use generators

2.       Retailers: shops, supermarkets, business owners and resellers.

3.       Co-operative societies. as gift item by companies

4.       All motor vehicles- we have over 20 million cars in nigeria












How to make more than N500, 000 monthly profit as a distributor of fuel siphon pump

Let me show you in a moment how this lucrative business can transform your finances, and how you can be smiling to the bank with N500,000  monthly profit.

Assuming you are a distributor who sells to end-users using sales people, and you make N500 profits per each product sold.If you could sell just 1,000 pieces of fuel siphon pump monthly, your profit is N500,000


1000(fuel siphon pump) x    N 500 (profit margin per each)  = N 500,000 ( gross profit)

The next question is: how do i achieve this financial goal?.

The following marketing strategy will help you to achieve this financial target.

1. Use sales people

employ marketers that will sell directly to end-users at a commission, they will sell N2,500 to end-users , the more sales people you have; the more quantity they sell; the more money you will make.

The sales people should be paid N500 sales commission on each siphon pump they sell.

As a distributor, you buy   the siphon pump at  N1,500 each( SMALL SIZE), your sales people sell at N2,500 to end-users and remit N2,000 to you, keeping N500 as commission for themselves let us do a simple profit analysis using sales people:

if you have 10 sales people in your office, and each of them sells 5 units of the fuel siphon pump daily, your daily profit will be

10(sales people) x 5 ( siphon pump) x500 ( your unit profit)=N25,000 daily profit

your weekly profit is        N25,000 x 7       =       N175,000

your monthly profit is      N25,000 x26       =       N650,000

if you work very hard to recruit and manage 20 sales people you can be sure of a monthly profit of N1,300,000

now let me ask you; how many businesses can be as lucrative as this? very few i guess!

How to recruit and manage sales people

1.     have an office space (you may even start from your home)

2.     get trained on how to recruit, train and manage sales people( you will get free training from our company)

3.     purchase your products ( you can start this business with less than  n100,000 start -up capital

2.    Supply retail outlets- super markets / big trading stores

This marketing strategy is equally very effective and profitable.

visit as many supermarkets/ big trading stores as possible to establish relationship with them. they may not be willing initially to buy on cash-and-carry basis. so what you do, is to drop about 6 pcs of the product with them for test marketing. you then paste a poster of the product in a conspicuous location that will create awareness for their customers to request to buy the siphon pump. another strategy to create awareness is to stage an open demonstration/ awareness promotions for the siphon pump in front of the retail outlet premises.

you supply the siphon pump to the retail outlets at N2000, while they sell to their customers at N2,500

let us do a simple sales analysis:

Assuming you have 50 retail outlets that sell 10pcs of the siphon pump weekly. and your unit profit margin is N500

then your weekly profit is:

50×10 x 500       =       N250,000

and your monthly profit is

N250,000 x 4      =       N1,000,000

This income target is possible and achievable. in fact we have a lot of our customers that are already using the two above explained marketing strategies and are making huge profits every month

 3     use fliers, posters and banners

Fliers should be distributed strategically to homes, schools, shops, supermarkets e.t.c
The flier should indicate “resellers wanted” to get bulk buyers.

posters and banners placed in conspicuous location

4.    partner with  fuel filling stations

The most strategic location to sell the fuel siphon pumps are usually fuel filling stations.

-enter into a partnership agreement with the station owners or managers, whereby they make about #100 per unit siphon pump sold.

-employ a sale promoter that will be on ground to introduce and market the pump to every motorist that comes to buy fuel.

-the sales promoter should equally distribute the fliers to get bulk buyer and resellers of the products

-the promoter should be paid salary and commission. and whatever he sells should be reconciled with the filling station owners

– this strategy is very effective and generates large sale volume on daily basis.

5.    sell to co-operative societies and big organizations

Most standard organizations like oil companies, telecommunication outfits and most government parastatals have co-operative societies. approach them and introduce the siphon pump to them. they buy in large quantity.

6.    sell through internet marketing:
we can open a free sub – domain website for you – exclusive for distributors. drive traffic to your websites through advert, online advertisement- google, facebook, twitter e.t.c
these adverts should be used to target bulk buyers – reseller

for a full detail on internet marketing strategy click here

7.   local newspaper advert

 you can place classified adverts on your local newspapers to get bulk buyers within your territory

8.    open demonstration / road show 

– locate a busy place, – market, busy roads, church conventions, and trade fairs e.t.c

– get sales promoters wearing promo t-shirts

– place the siphon pump in a jerry can filled with water and transfer to an empty bucket in a public places

– attract attention through music, ringing of bells

– as people gather around you, demonstrate how it is used, some of your promoters will demonstrate while others sell and share fliers – your fliers should indicate that you need resellers

9.   use free empowerment seminars to recruit resellers

– organize free empowerment seminars for people that wants to start their businesses

–  teach them how to start and manage a business venture

– use the forum to sell this business opportunity to them

– let them to know how much they can make as resellers of your products.

– give them a motivation talk on the essence of positive attitude, hard work and success principles

– we have a complete a training manual for the empowerment seminar you could use (send us your email address and we will forward a copy to you).

this strategy is very effective

you would get a lot of people who would be interested in buying and reselling the siphon pump from you

Final note:

I have taken enough time to explain this result -oriented marketing strategies to you. but your success is invariably dependent on your decision, determination and aggressiveness.

believe you can succeed and you will! get started now and don’t procrastinate. the greatest enemy of success is procrastination. this partnership arrangement is very flexible, you can start as a reseller, even with less than n100,000 start-up capital

dear friend, you don’t have an excuse for now!

the principle of making money is simple:

to receive money, you must exchange products. the more products you exchange, the more money you receive and so, i present to you this tool to make money –the fuel siphon pump this product so far, has empowered over 100 nigerians who are either  our distributors or resellers. these people are making huge profit daily with testimonies of changed life.

The opportunity to change your financial life is here, but the decision lies in your hand.

I wish you success and god bless.

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