Azemobor advocates the abolition of religion

Azemobor advocates the abolition of religion


BY Bennett Chukwuonu. This is an excerpt of the explosive interview with Azemobor Gregory,the international cordinator of Voice of Change Network International .

When VOCNEWS  sought his views about the prevalent crisis bedeviling the world, this was his candid submission:

 “The endemic crisis ravaging the world today is simply the consequence of our collective disobedience to God, who is the maker and the owner of the whole universe. In our seemingly “wisdom”, we have created rebellious systems that are completely antithetical to God’s natural laws which govern the universe. During the creation of the earth, God in his infinite wisdom had instituted natural laws or principles that would create order and tranquility on earth. But these laws have been flagrantly violated by the systems and ideologies designed by man. Now when laws are transgressed, a condition of disorder or anarchy becomes the natural outcome. Simply put, the defiant ideological structures fabricated by man is the root cause of all the calamities bedeviling humanityDSC_0041

“A closer look at the various systems created by man shows clearly that they are fashioned to subvert God’s natural principles. Take for instance the capitalist economic system. This system has failed woefully in the effective allocation of economic wealth to enhancing the welfare of a vast majority of people in the world. Capitalism essentially promotes the concept of individual accumulation and ownership of wealth. This tenet of individual ownership of wealth negates God’s economic principle which recognizes God as the sole owner of all things, and that whatever we have as humans, is only entrusted to us during our life time, to be used strictly to bless the lives of others. Now, capitalism calls those that ravenously accumulate wealth, the ‘rich’, and those that are deprived by the system are called the ‘poor’. The so-called ‘rich’ are celebrated or even adulated as they continue in their evil escapade for inordinate opulence. In a nutshell, I dare say that capitalism has not only created more poverty for the world, but it has become injurious to the economic wellbeing of humanity.

“Let us also look at another system created by man, religion, which has caused great catastrophe to humanity. This may shock many of us! But the bare truth is that, religion is man-made; it is as invention of man. God is not the author of religion and He does not belong to any of them. Is it not sad that religion has divided our common humanity? When you see your fellow brother and sister created by the same God, the moment you know that he/she belongs to a different religion, you immediately withdraw your love and fellowship. Do I need to remind us that almost about 80% of the entire crisis in the world today is motivated by religion? Can’t we see that religion is evil and that if care is not taken, it will destroy humanity? This is a clarion call to the world that the time has come for us to come together as one universal family. Embrace the brotherhood of mankind and live in LOVE with one another. If you ask me, I would say that LOVE is the only ‘religion’ that God recognizes

“ In the same vein, if you examine all other systems created by man: the systems of government; the justice system; the social system; the educational system; the media system; the security system, just name them…………… the trajectory of failure is the same. They are all ineffective in creating a better world for all.  But what is more perplexing is our systemic recalcitrance to acknowledge the supremacy of God, and the recognition of the fact that our beautiful ideologies would certainly lead us to self- destruction ……………………”

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