Azemobor urges Christians to emulate Christ, says love is the essence of Xmas

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    The International coordinator of Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach aka Voice of Change Network , Azemobor Gregory has urged Christians all over the world, to emulate the lifestyle of Christ whose birthday is being commemorated as Christmas. Speaking to VOC NEWS recently in Lagos, the renowned apostle of humanity enjoined Christians to demonstrate love to  other people especially the less privilege, as this is  the essence of the gospel that Christ preached while he was on earth.

    Hear him, “ Let me encourage my brothers and sisters all over the world, to use this auspicious occasion of the yuletide celebration to exemplify the life and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ ,to show love to one another as this is the essence of  Christmas. As usual, Our Project-Help-a-Child Global Campaign initiative will be reaching out to vulnerable kids and poor families to distribute free food and clothes to them. We are set and determined to put smiles on the faces of as many people as possible this Xmas period. For us, love is the reason for the season”

    Speaking further he said, “ Do you know that many  families will not cook on Christmas day; many will even go to bed hungry; a lot of indigent kids may not afford new clothes to wear and celebrate just like their counterpart who have rich parents.  This ugly scenario ought not to be if those of us that profess to be Christians truly imbibe the virtues of the teachings of our lord Jesus Christ. But unfortunately Christ’s teachings on love and kindness have been bastardized by the latter day gospel of prosperity ( a euphemism for greed)  and miracle. It is so sad that Christmas celebration witnesses the highest form of hypocrisy and debauchery”

    ‘We urgently need to create a better society where the welfare of every member would be adequately taken care of. A society that encourages a system that promotes inequality, deprivation and neglect of the majority of her populace is a sick and dysfunctional society, which peace will constantly elude”

    “Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach has a divine mandate to propagate the virtue of love amongst humanity. This explains the reason why all of our projects are designed to practically demonstrate love, especially the free food and cloth distribution initiative” He added

    Azemobor also disclosed that the vision of the organization was to build a charity city that would be a place of refuge and solace to the poor in the society. The proposed city would have free 5000 housing units to shelter the destitute, free hospital, free cloth bank, free food kitchen, free university, free rehabilitation and empower center for the youth etc. Already, preparations are in place to acquire about 100-acres of land to kick start the mega project

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