“Before I Was Existing But Now Am Alive,” Mrs. Esther Nne, A...

“Before I Was Existing But Now Am Alive,” Mrs. Esther Nne, A Widow Shares Her Testimony


Mrs. Esther Nne, a 34 years old widow, lost her husband in 2015 following a fatal accident. Her husband’s death set her back and made her feel deserted; not being able to find a means to feed regardless that she is a graduate of Marketing. She came to our office and the Coordinator gave her some counseling and promised to assist her to secure a job, which he did.

Mr. Ester now works as a customer relations officer in ‘Bethelmendels’, a company owned by the coordinator at Ikeja. With mentorship and the little assistance she received from the Charity City Project, she has gained self-sustenance, and now has a responsibility which motivates her to go to work and make money for herself.

Narrating her ordeal, she confides…
My name is Nne Esther, I am 34 years old from Abia state, I am married with two children, My husband survived from a fatal accident and later died in the hospital two weeks after the incident on the first of December 2015. I got trained in catering services and occasionally made Cakes, Doughnut, Chin-Chin to sell. This has been stopped since the death of my husband due to lack of money and support. More so, I couldn’t secure an employment or any means of livelihood, let alone pay my house rent, train my children and feed properly. I have no help, and no one has come to my aid.

The Coordinator had to cut in, he gave her some counseling and reminded her to have faith in herself and continue to work hard and remain truthful. He promised to assist her to secure a job, which he did. The following day, he called her to come to the office and start work in ‘Bethelmendes’ as customer relations officer.

We understand that there is a high rate of unemployment and poverty in Nigeria but the question is what have you done about this situation? A lot of people roam the streets homeless and hungry and they need your assistance, we can all do something in our own little way to help the widows and unemployed youths around us by showing them love and guidance. The government alone cannot solve our problems, we as individuals need to help.

Our target is to empower 1000 Widows with a free grant of ₦20,000 each, to enable them to start or boost their petty businesses. The goal of this project is to economically empower poor widows to improve their livelihood and be able to cater for their families.

You want to be part of this project, why not join us now? With ₦20,000 donation, you can lift a widow and her family out of poverty.

And if you wish to be our financial partner, to support other widows, please kindly call or WhatsApp: +2348084701414 or +2348087656176.
You can also visit www.vocinternational.com, www.azemoborgregory.com, Instagram: @gazemobor @voiceofdivinetruth.

God bless you richly as you make this move.
Many thanks to all our beloved brothers and sisters, who believe in this cause and have made generous donations to support the project. God bless you all. We appreciate you.

Thank you for allowing God to use you to support the cause of the poor.