Beware! That sugar mummy will distroy your destiny- By Austin Edoho

Beware! That sugar mummy will distroy your destiny- By Austin Edoho


When the youths of today are lazy,the future will be worse than the present.The youths are the hope of this nation,and if they are living  irresponsible and reckless live,the future will suffer.I want to speak to my fellow young men in the house.Guys,we need to wake up and get busy with our lives.Laziness is what drives a lot of young men into the arms of women old enough to be their mother.We want the latest designer clothes,perfumes,and wristwatches,but we don't want to sweat or get our hands dirty

.Why would that woman be feeding you,clothing you,and picking up your bills?Do you think she loves you?She is an agent of darkness sent to terminate your destiny.You are selling your soul for bread.All of you sleeping with rich women to get money,please desist from it.She is buying your strength and vitality.She will eventually leave you when she has drained you.Leave married women alone…they belong to someone.Would you be happy if someone was sleeping with your wife?

Do you need a suggar mummy to survive?Absolutely not! I feel so pained and sad when I see young men living lazy lives simply because there is a sugar mummy sponsoring them.Please leave her alone,she is not your mother!For how long can she do it?Save yourself brother,run away from her.You won't starve.Be determined to make a honest living you will be proud of.

And you that woman that is endangering your marriage for the sinful pleasure you derive from that boy,I pity you!When your husband eventually finds out and sends you packing,that boy will run away from you.The reason he is dating and sleeping with you is because he wants to enjoy the pleasure without any responsibility.He sleeps with you,and eats your money.Even if you get pregnant,your husband will think the baby belongs to him.The moment your husband sacks you,the boy takes off,cos he can no longer enjoy the privileges of dating a "married"woman!

So use your head.Leave someone's son alone to plan his life and face his future.And my brother,never think you can be collecting money from your sugar mummy to take care of one small girl somewhere thatyou are planning to marry.You can't do that and go free.And ladies,if you are in a relationship with a guy,and he's using flashy things and spending money without telling you his source of income,please become a private investigator.It's your life and future we are talking about here.Any man who is sleeping with a married woman or sugar mummy,and still wants to marry you,is not worth it.Share the grace with him!A word is enough for the wise.Hope you won't unfriend me?Happy weekend to you all!

Austin Edoho, an endtime messager of TRUTH, is a Servant at HEART ON FIRE