Billionaire Uber cofounder pledges half of his fortune to charity

Billionaire Uber cofounder pledges half of his fortune to charity


On the 22nd of November, 2017 Garrett Camp the cofounder of Uber resolved to pledge half of his fortune to charity. Garrett Camp was inspired to cofound Uber when he took a trip to Paris in 2008 – where he and friend Travis Kalanick had trouble hailing a cab in the snow. The ride-hailing giant Uber has made him a billionaire.

Now, nearly a decade later, Camp has again found inspiration while traveling – this time to give half of his billions away. Camp was inspired to give half of his billions away when he went on a two weeks Safari to Kenya and visited rural areas and small towns, Camp announced on Monday via his Medium blog that he’s joining the Giving Pledge, a campaign created by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to spur billionaires to give at least half of their fortune to philanthropic causes.

“I’ve now spent 15 years focused mostly on startups, and while I’m still passionate about creating useful products, I also realized I shouldn’t wait to start giving back,” Camp wrote.

The 39-year-old mogul, who Forbes estimates to be worth $5.1 billion, says he will soon set up a foundation and begin researching where he wants to focus his efforts. “My goal is to find a few areas of interest where I can work with others to create systems and products that will make a widespread positive impact,” he wrote.

Camp hence realized that there is fulfillment in giving and saw the act of reaching out to the less-privileged as the best way to demonstrate it. You can as well make a resolution to reach out to the underprivileged in giving and make the society a better place where there will be nobody in want.