“Blessed is he whom God helps”: A motivational story of two beggars

“Blessed is he whom God helps”: A motivational story of two beggars


Long  time  ago there  lived  a  great king  and  two beggars  who always  stood  at the  gate  of  his  palace  everyday.

As  the  king  rode by  everyday,  the 1st beggar would say 'blessed  is  he whom  the  king helps' while  the 2nd beggar would say 'blessed is he whom God helps'.

The  king  always felt  pleased  to hear  the  praise  of the 1st  beggar.

One  evening  the king  decided  to reward  the  1st beggar  for  all  the praise;  he  ordered his  baker  to  bake a  cake  and  wrapped gold inside  the  cake.

The  next day  as  he  rode  by, he gave  the  cake  to the  1st beggar  as he  hailed  him  as usual.

The 1st beggar  who  was  in  dire need  of  cash  sold  the  cake  to  the 2nd beggar at  a cheap  price.

When the 2nd beggar cut open the cake he saw the gold, sold them and became a wealthy man.

He did not return back to the kings gate the next day.

As  the  king  rode out  of  his  palace the  next day,  he saw  the  1st beggar  still  begging for money  and stopped  to  ask him  if  he  ate  the cake  he  gave  him.

The  1st beggar replied  and  said  no  sir,  I  sold  it  to my  friend  who  was  here  with  me yesterday;  I  have not  seen  him today.

The  king shook his head highly disappointed and confessed silently to himself that

" Indeed Blessed is he Who God helps" 

Our  God  is  the  all knowing  God, HE has  not  forgotten you. God  always does His work just  in  time.

Be  blessed  and  Trust  God  even  when  you  don't understand  His WILL. Someday your blessings shall be in abundance.

Remain Blessed!!! Kindly Share to Bless others…