BREAKING: The 35yrs Old Widow With 3 Kids Who Was Homeless, Now...

BREAKING: The 35yrs Old Widow With 3 Kids Who Was Homeless, Now Has a Roof Under Her Head


Remember the story of Mrs. Blessing Afunaya, the 35yr old widow, whom her place was bought by an individual and she was not compensated, but rather given time to vacate the compound before a total demolition would be conducted on the building.

Today her story has changed for good. She is so happy and filled with joy, all thanks to God, and you out there our anonymous donor (God knows your name), who has decided to take these widow and her children off the street.

After receiving a cash donation of N50, 000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) from an anonymous donor on Monday, the team began the movement again to the widow's place, as directed by the anonymous donor who read her story last week and made specific demand, that we support her and the kids with the cash he will be donating. The team led by Mr. Gregory Azemobor visited the widow during the closing hour of on Tuesday's work at NO. 10 Ipodo Street, Ikeja.

On getting to her place she informed Mr. Gregory Azemobor that she has been able to raise N48,000 (Forty-Eight Thousand Naira) already, that what she needs now to complete the house rent for the new place she saw is N40,000 (Forty Thousand Naira). And the team leader without further hesitation gave her the money which was donated by the anonymous donor.

Mrs. Blessing Afunaya feeling so happy, thanked God and the team for keeping to their words and practicing the word of God as described in the book of James 1:27. And also offered words of prayers for the donor.  Then the team leader told her to give us a call when she finally moves to her new apartment, promising her that the team will come to pay her a visit.

My dear viewers out there, you too can do the same, join us on these mission of empowering 1,000 widows within Lagos State. To support a widow today, call: 08084701414 or 08087656176 via  telephone call or whatsapp.

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