Charity City Project Team Partners With Thy Helper Organization to Support the...

Charity City Project Team Partners With Thy Helper Organization to Support the Vulnerable at Isheri Olofin


“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” – Mandy Hale

“Over 700 vulnerable persons and their children live in this locality.”

“They are been neglected by the society, which is not supposed to be so.”

Isheri Olofin is an autonomous community located around Idimu, Lagos state, but within this locality, there is a certain region which is mostly dominated by Muslims, very close to the Palace of the Ooni of Isheri. Today the vulnerable persons living around this region were woken up with the visit from Thy Helpers Organization and Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach.

Thy Helper Organization is a charitable organization just like the Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach, with both organizations been in the expertise of humanitarian services for years now. Today Thy Helper Organization decided to extend their hands of giving to Isheri Olofin community and they picked this region filled with over 700 vulnerable persons to extend this gesture to, of which they invited the Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach to join them.

On getting to the place, we were introduced to the head of this small community – Alhaji Adamu Danlani, the two humanitarian organizations promised to come back, letting them understand that this is just a who welcomed us to their community, after which the Convener of Thy Helper Organization stated to him the reason for our visit. Filled with joy, he informed us of some of the challenges they face here like medical, housing, no potable water supply for them and the fact that they society neglects them. Of which it was glaring to us that all the community head said is true.

The leaders of both organizations assure the village head, that this is a preamble, that when next they come they are going to look into their needs. Right there the items which comprise of clothing and shoes, snacks and sweets were distributed to the children and all of them that were present.

All thanks to God almighty and Thy Helper Organization for putting this kind of activity up. We are using our collective voice to appeal to the general public and those living around this people to please cater for them, they need our love and care, giving does not know any religion, tribe or believe, because this persons that ask you for help today and you neglect and abandon them, might come back to hunt and hurt you. Why not do the little you can? Show them, love, feed them and take care of their needs. A lot of them said they would love to work, but no one to sponsor them, some are faced with medical issues, not having crutches or wheelchair to aide their movement, we can donate to them.

Together we can make this work for them, together we can build a better world for the vulnerable in our society, and all we need is to start from somewhere. Touch one and you touch all.