Children’s Day: A group urges the rich to sponsor poor children

Children’s Day: A group urges the rich to sponsor poor children


Children’s Day celebration in Nigeria, which holds on the 27th of May every year, is a day set aside to honour and felicitate with children. Children’s Day was also meant to be a day dedicated to raising awareness on children’s rights and wellbeing.  However, the pathetic condition of most Nigerian children calls for a more concerted effort to  enhance their welfare either by the government or public spirited individuals. This was the focus of a humanitarian group, Voice of Change Network International, during their Project-Help-a-Child Campaign rally at Ikeja, Today.DSC_1050DSC_0975DSC_1008DSC_1044

According to the International Co-ordinator of the group, Mr. Azemobor Gregory, the project was birthed out of a desire to see the children of the poor in the society live meaningful lives. And this could be achieved when people go out of their way to care and sponsor poor children, by taking responsibility for their upkeep. He said “ It is obvious that government do not have the capacity and the moral will to provide for all the poor children in our society. That is why you have millions of children living in abject poverty. Many are out of school, malnourished, homeless and abused. We have thousands of indigent children in IDP camps living miserable lives. Now giving this ugly scenario, the only option left for us to provide a good life for poor children, is to inspire those of us that are comfortable to reach out in love and sponsor poor children. Now to sponsor a child ,what you do, is to walk up to a poor family, make a commitment to care for one or more of their children exactly the same way you would care for your own biological child. You do this while the child still lives with the biological parents”

Speaking further, Azemobor said, “If society cares for the children of the poor, we would have less of crime and violence in the world, because neglected children could easily be recruited into all kinds of social vices. The truth is that until society ensures that no one lives in lack, our search for global peace would remain a mirage  ” He also gave a world of advice to many of us who place so much value on material riches and investment in earthly possessions. Hear him.” The only investment that God reckons with is the investment in human lives. I want to appeal to you my brothers and sisters reading this article, please resolve today to help those that are in need around you. Whatever, good you do to your neighbor, you do it unto God. The greatest religion is service to humanity.

The Project-Help-a-Child Campaign was a huge success as many people turned out to join the rally which commenced at about 8 am, and lasted until 12 pm. Many people in Ikeja today felt the impact of the rally. Many who received the fliers promised to touch lives, sponsor poor children and contribute their little quota to this campaign of creating  a world where no child live in lack. Other NGOs and humanitarian organizationswere also at the event to support the rally. They include: The Open Heart Samaritan Mission aka, The Good Samariatans; We Care Initiative; Wealth Global Academy  and Biosun Support Services.