“Christmas Without Hunger” initiative set to feed widows, orphans during Xmas

“Christmas Without Hunger” initiative set to feed widows, orphans during Xmas



The Medical Director of Synergy Medicals, Dr. Dada Dare and his team are set to touch the lives of widows, the elderly and the poor this forth coming Xmas celebration with a charity program tagged “Christmas without Hunger”, season 4. According to Dare, the project which started about 4 years ago, has tremendously touched the lives of many less privilege family during festive periods. It is common knowledge that during festive seasons, while few people have so much to squander in affluent celebration, the majority of the poor are neglected to suffer hunger and want. So a noble gesture like the Christmas without Hunger project organized by Dr. Dada Dare and his team is a welcome Development.rice

Sharing a post on his facebook page in preparation for 2016  “Christmas without Hunger” program, he said

“Good morning great people, we have about 4 weeks to the distribution of rice to Widows, Orphans, poor senior citizens and estranged wives of about 10years. So,the Lord has been gracious unto us. We have 900 people to reach out to in Lagos and from Ogun state after 3 months of screening. We have raised over N1.7 million and we still need more than N2 million.
Just this morning a doctor friend who practices in Canada sent us N50,000. We planned to give a quarter bag of rice to each beneficiary and if the Lord is touching you to give, don't hesitate. It may not be money, it may also be a bag of rice. We can pick it from any part of Lagos. As Nigerians, We are a strong and resilient people who don't give up in the face of difficulties and harsh economic realities. Drop something for the needy and the Lord will reward you. Thank you”.dada-dare-2

In another post Dr Dare also said

“Today is a game of numbers. 4 weeks to Christmas Without Hunger season 4. We have a total of 67 people who had donated so far almost N2,000,000 expecting N3,000,000 more. 30% of the donors are medical doctors, of ALL the doctors who paid so far,50% practice in Nigeria and the rest in diaspora. Between yesterday and today, we have about N108,000 into the local vault and $100 into the Gofundme Acct.
Tomorrow by 8am , I will be on Star Fm 101.5 with one of the Oyatoguns ,trying to tell our story to the world and see how we can still raise more money for CWH 2016. Where your leg cannot reach ,your prayers and pay can do more. God bless you”

“I have a strong belief in me that more Nigerians are good people than the few that pop up on the electronic media cum our thieving politicians with support of few chronic thieving civil servants. Be that as it may,Nigerians are great pple.
I was on Star Fm yesterday morning with Moyo Oyatogun(this is a lady that I first listened to abt a decade ago). Before the day ran out people were calling to support and a lawyer donated money for 1 bag of rice for Christmas Without Hunger. We are grateful as you give. 
Synergy Medicals,GTB,0017360943 with N14,000 per bag.”

Contact Dr, Dada 08034068924, Wole 08097175974