ye-bear-fruit-grapes-1-jpg1Everything God created was designed to support and sustain life. In other words, every of God’s creation is integrally interdependent. Each creation needs one another to sustain life and enhance universal stability. Let us take a close look at the essential nature of some of God’s creation.

Consider the sun and its enormous contributions to life. Without the sun, there will be no light/daytime; there will be no evaporation, rainfall and plants will not photosynthesize – produce food and fruits and by extension animals and man that depend on fruits produced by plants would die of starvation. What about the plants themselves-what if there is sunlight, but they just refuse to bear fruits? This would spell famine for humanity and the catastrophic effect would be the total extermination of humanity from the face of the earth.
Now, elementary biology also teaches that plants on the one hand depend on the nutrients produced by animals that die and decompose in the soil. The above picture is just a synopsis of the complex web of interrelationship and interdependence that exist in creation.

To provide a proper perspective for this piece, let me define the word “FRUIT” within the context of our discussion. Fruit can be referred to as the external excess food stored by plants. Plants through the process of photosynthesis utilize the universal resources of water, soil nutrients, sunlight, carbohydrate, and its leaf’s chlorophyll to produce food for nourishment and growth. Then, the excess is stored as fruits.
It is instructive to note that plants have been designed by God to always store their excess food as fruits. The reason is that other creations such as man and animal would depend on that fruit for food; – nourishment so as to stay alive. So, it would amount to universal aberration, if plants refuse to bear fruit and instead use all its food for self- nourishment- growth and “greenish leaf”.

There is a biblical account of how Jesus was hungry and he saw a fig tree from afar, expecting to see some fruits to eat from it, but when he got closer, to his utter amazement, the tree was only greenish but there were no fruits on it. And so furious with this discovery, Jesus cursed the tree, “henceforth no man shall eat fruit from thee “And it was on record that the tree dried up –died. How ironical it is today, that many of us live “greenish” lives. A life of me, me and me.

Drawing an analogy between the process of fruit production by plants and the relevance of the life of man to the sustenance of humanity, it will suffice to say that we are created also to bear fruits, and give back to life.
Man utilizes the universal resources of life, time, idea and creativity, through positive mind programming ( “mindsynthesis”)- in spiritual parlance, faith, to create wealth (food) for self- nourishment (only) and excess given as charity [fruits] back to life.

So man operates the same principle of bearing fruits like plants. The reason why man must bear fruits – give back to life is because other creation –people-are created to depend on the fruit we bear for their sustenance. Now if we refuse to bear fruits – give back to life from our wealth, we would create a vacuum of need that will disrupt the effective functionality of life.

Many of the socio-economic malaise that has bedeviled the world today, is that humanity has abused the principle of fruit-bearing. We live in a world where the minute few amass so much wealth, but refuse to proportionately give back to life.

The symptoms and the systematic manifestation of this abnormality orchestrated by humanity is poverty, crime, violence, terrorism, religious crisis, war; hunger etc. Poverty for instance, is man -made. It is the direct result of human greed. The universe always provides free and in abundance, e.g. Air, water. The economic system of the world has created poverty .The sociological system of the world created the rich and the poor.

In summary therefore, I would posit by saying that the relevance of your life is in the fruits you bear. You have a choice to use universal resources for selfish – nourishment /enrichment, or to bear fruits – give back to life. Herein lies the true of meaning of life.
God bless You.