Dignity of labour: University of Abuja graduate frying akara, while waiting for...

Dignity of labour: University of Abuja graduate frying akara, while waiting for NYSC service


akaraShe is a graduate of accountancy from the University of Abuja, and the Vice President of the National Association of Anambra Students and she sells akara in Abuja. She's done this business for 31 days, waiting for her national youth service and has decided selling akara is what she wants to do. She plans to continue during her service year and beyond. She's very cheerful and friendly.The first time I bought akara from her was a day after valentines day. She asked how my val was and I was taken aback because that's not a question the usual akara seller asks. I decided to talk with her today and find out why she does this business. I'm glad I did and I am inspired.
Unemployment is relative after all.

People should really discover who they are! To the myopic, it may be mere akara and very abominable for a "graduate" to be selling akara . As a graduate, first, Sit down  and ask yourself why you studied that course you studied that made you a graduate?
Was it because you really wanted to or because that was what your JAMB score could fetch u? Many who are educated or called graduates are confused souls who cannot even defend their results and have also refused to face reality!
The story shows this young woman has a strong passion for cooking and this akara can be enhanced with innovative ideas to make it
bigger and better.
What's the difference between the pizza we scramble for and this akara? If she was making pizza, cake or shawarma,would you call her a waste?
This is an example of someone living a life of purpose and in few years I bet you she will employ the same graduates in the same business of making bean cake.
By then lots of people will start going into akara business