austin editedIt’s so disheartening to witness the alarming rate at which self-conceived and propagated errors are subtly creeping into Christendom in the name of spirituality. One of these borders on the issue of angels. Angels do exist, no doubt, and are mandated to help the children of God. But please, let’s stop asking to see angels and know their names. Many secret cults were formed after an “angel” appeared to the founder. We have not seen Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or Jehovah, yet we believe they exist and are with us. You don’t need to see angels to be assured of their presence with you. Let’s stop inviting demons to appear to us in the form of angels. When the situation warrants it, God can make His angel manifest himself to us. But please, let’s stop asking for them to show up. Let’s do everything with and in faith, for whatsoever is not of faith is sin. Majority of professed Christians have been demonized by false doctrines and teachings on this issue of angels. I have actually heard some pastors teaching their members to offer Fanta, groundnut, and biscuits to their “angels’; the reason being that if you starve your angels, another person can “bribe” them with food, thereby making them work against you, and start working for them. What absurdity! When did angels start eating biscuit and drinking Fanta? I have a likely explanation for this erroneous and demonic practice.

Before the advent of Christianity, our ancestors were involved in pagan practices where they were made to offer sacrifices to appease or gratify some deity which they believed were responsible for their successes and failures. It was a common practice to see men appeasing the gods with all things conceivable, like kola-nuts, gin, chicken, white chalk, etc. With the arrival of the early missionaries, some of the pagan practices were done away with. Nevertheless, some people still held on to their beliefs. Even some of the natives that got converted to Christianity didn’t completely do away with their fetish ways and objects. They had an alternative. If Jesus failed them, they could always retrace their steps to their gods. Generations after, this practice was still in existence. We still had witch doctors whose stock-in-trade was treating and handling difficult cases that were beyond the ordinary. However, as the Gospel became more popular, a lot of people stopped patronizing these witch doctors and decided to put their faith in Jesus. As patronage decreased, so did their revenue. The witch doctors needed an alternative means of survival and livelihood. They carried out a thorough research of the various lucrative professions they can easily switch over to without appearing like a fish out of water. They found it-Church! Becoming a pastor was the way out of poverty and oblivion! Getting rid of their tattered wrapper and chalks and cowries, they went to boutiques and bought the latest designer suits, shoes and ties. They bought iPad, got rid of the goatee and the dread-lock, and got relaxers and activators instead. They struck down their shrines in the village, relocated to the city, and started a church. They succeeded in disguising their outward appearance, but their nature was still there. And since they were used to offering hot gin and kola-nut to the spirits of their ancestors for continued protection and blessing, it was therefore logical for them to offer drinks to the angels of God whom they see as being responsible for their fate in life. Meanwhile, they couldn’t offer hot drinks and kola-nuts to the angels, because to these “pastors”, the angels are gentlemen. So they chose to offer the Fanta and biscuits instead! And I won’t be surprised if some day, the pastors announced that the angels were tired of drinking Fanta and were requesting for Campari, Diva vodka, tequila ley, and other expensive brands of wine.And instead of biscuits and groundnuts, they will request for sharwama , or full barbecue chicken! You never can tell.

WarriorAngelsPlease let’s grow up in our reasoning, and shine our eyes, so that we won’t become a prey to these marauding wolves posing as men of God!


written by Austin Edoho