Do not Lay up your Treasures on Earth!- Azemobor Gregory

Do not Lay up your Treasures on Earth!- Azemobor Gregory

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Many of us have allowed our lives to be driven by the inordinate quest for the vanities of this transcient world. we strive day and night to build and amass earthly treasures. The mundane things that define our lives is either the exotic cars we drive or the exquisite houses we have built. We are quick to show them off to others so that they would know that we have "arrived".

These earthly "investment" regrettably, have become the central preoccupation of our lives.DSC_0373DSC_0356

But let me intoduce you to the REAL investment that is more enduring and more rewarding: whenever you do good to others, your 'bank' in heaven is credited. The more good you do for others, the more your treasure in heaven increases. Any charitable project that impacts positively on the lives of others is a profitable investment for Eternity.

The Master admonishes us when He said " what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul" The sad reality is that many of us that chase after earthly riches would certainly suffer the " poverty of the soul"

Beloved, I plead with you to, kindly choose today, to pursue the path of Truth and Righteousness. Tomorrow may be too late! All those vain material possessions that constitutes your earthly 'treasures' cannot give real meaning and fulfilment to your life. You know it! Because, even with all the cars and houses you have acquired, you still have a deep feeling of emptiness in the inside of you. The tme to live Right is now!

What I am saying may not make sense to some of us. But you know what? On that faithful day…..on your dying bed, when you would look back on the wasted life you have lived pursuing vanities, then the meaninglessness of your material possessions will dawn on you. And by then, it will be too late.DSC_0336DSC_0317

I am sure the life of Mrs Mercy Temidare, the founder/proprietress of the Charity School that offers free education for poor children in Lagos, should inspire many of us to reorder the priorities of our lives.

This is a 'poor' woman that cares for the educational needs of over 65 poor kids with no support from anywhere. She has literalily invested ALL her 'life' to run the charity school.She made a powerful statement of conviction to us, when we visited her school " I do not have money any longer to run this school, but I will not quit even if I have to die doing this job". Amazing! What she said could only come from a deep sense of understanding of a life of purpose!

Beloved, I present to YOU today, a rare opportunity to join Mrs. Temidare to INVEST in the life of poor kids who cannot afford expensive schools in our society.
The School is located at 10,Oriade Street, Ajala bus, off Lagos/Abeokuta Express Way
If you live in Lagos, you could visit the school to see things for yourself. If you are not in Lagos or you live outside Nigeria, your relatives and friends could verify the school for you.You could do this so that you don't allow the excuse of " am I sure if this is real" to stop you from supporting this noble cause
Please call Mrs Temidare DIRECTLY on 07057863910, 08128785688.
God bless you richly
Together we can create a world where no child lives in Lack! 
By Azemobor Gregory( Apostle of Humanity)
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