For being a Friend of the poor, A global organization honours Azemobor...

For being a Friend of the poor, A global organization honours Azemobor Gregory


By Bennett Chukwuonu.

feeding and showing love to poor beggars, 2009 in Agege, lagos

For his unalloyed commitment to alleviating the plight of the less privilege in the society, Azemobor Gregory, on the 17th of December, 2015, was honoured with the prestigious “Dared to be different “ Award . The award was put together by a global organization, Initiative of Change ( IOFC) a.k.a Moral Re-armament. IOFC has its international headquarter in USA, with presence in over 30 countries spread across all the continents. The award is part of the activities to mark the fourth edition of their yearly “Celebrating the Unseen” event.
According to the organizer’s Nigerian spokeperson, Bar. Oweseni, the award seeks to recognize, celebrate and honour individuals that are positively impacting society and championing the cause of change in the world. Azemobor Gregory , who was honoured alongside other six awardees for their selfless service to humanity, spoke to VOCNEWS extensively, on how he feels about the award. “ I feel great for this honour bestowed on me by Initiative of Change. For the past fifteen years, I have been involved in philanthropy and noble projects just to put a smile on the faces of the Poor. What this shows is that, when you do good to others, you become a light that shines, that cannot been hidden”????????????????????????????????????
Azemobor Gregory is a social crusader and a quintessential global change agent, who is relentlessly seeking ways to make the world a better place. Buoyed by this noble passion, he has engaged in countless projects to create a better society. In 2004, worried by the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, Azemobor Gregory established Campaign for Entrepreneurship Development project. The project was targeted at turning “ job seekers to job created”. The project organized free training on entrepreneurship skills and business opportunities for secondary schools and universities students across the length and breadth of Nigeria.
In 2007, Azemobor Gregory founded a non- governmental organization called Advocacy for a New Nigeria. The vision of the organization , was to help in inculcating in every Nigerian, the patriotic spirit and the right orientation that would encourage collective responsibility for national development. The organization also promoted the respect for our national symbols and colour , like the national flag. It is worthy to note that this modest effort stimulated the Federal government’s effort to embark on the now rested Re-branding Nigeria Project. Advocacy for a New Nigeria ,also participated in most of the rallies organized by Save Nigeria Group during the debacle that ensued in handing over power to former President Goodluck Jonathan, when his boss, former president Yar ‘Adua passed on.DSC_0584
However, in 2009 under a divine inspiration, Azemobor Gregory founded Voice of Change Network Int’l , a Non-religious and Non-Governmental organization, with a divine mandate to promote and propagate the principle of LOVE amongst humanity. According to him, humanity presently lives in gross disobedience to the natural principles instituted by God. Hear him, “the reason the world is crisis today, is due to our disobedience to our maker. Our divine mandate at Voice of Change Network Int’l, is to guide humanity back to the path of obedience to God. It is only when we live in obedience to God, that peace and stability would be restored to our world.” Azemobor Gregory is the International coordinator of Voice of Change Network , aka Voice of Devine Truth International Outreach .
Since 2009, the organization has embarked on various humanitarian projects aimed at positively impacting lives and providing a model for individuals and organizations to emulate, so as to create a better world for all and sundry.
Below are some of the projects:ab
Project Help a Child was birthed out of the desire to see less privilege children lead meaningful lives. The idea behind the project is to encourage men and women all over the world to see every child on the streets as their own. This project encourages every adult to take full responsibility for the well-being and upkeep of a child that may not necessarily be their biological child or a child of a relative.
Benefits of the project to Humanity
a) It will give hope to hopeless children
b) It will promote universal brotherhood
c) It will help to reduce poverty
d) It will be a veritable tool to combat the menace of crime and insecurity, as neglected children easily become criminals and societal misfits
e) Ultimately, it will help to restore the much needed peace and stability in the world
To actualize this project Voice of Change Network Int,l :
Organizes Project Help a Child campaign rally to sensitize people to see every child as their own.
Display children that need support and their profiles on their websites- They also solicit public support that links the sponsors to the child’s parents or guardian
Voice of Change Network Int’l, presently takes responsibility for the sponsorship of several children in order to lead by example.
The vision of Project Help a Child: To inspire 100 million people all over the world to care for 100 million children by the year 202546046_144709202235969_975894_n
Hunger is one of the ills besieging the society. While some people have enough to eat and to spare, it’s heartbreaking to note that a lot of people do not have what to eat at the moment. Many go bed hungry. We can combat hunger if each of us feed at least one person in a day.
To actualize Project Feed the Poor, Voice of Change Network Int,l :
Organizes periodic outdoor free food distribution to beggars, especially during festive times- Sallah , XMAS, and Easter festivities
Embarks on building a food kitchen that will provide free food for thousands of people on daily basis
Embarks on advocacy campaign that will inspire everyone to feed one person each, every day
Embarks on the provision of free food for pupils in public primary and secondary schools
The vision of project feed the poor: To help create a world where nobody goes to bed hungry
Through this project, we organize free counseling for 1. job seekers 2.those desiring to start their own business owners who needs valuable ideas on how to grow their businesses. We also organize seminars on various business opportunities, in collaboration with faith-based organizations, government agencies or other NGOs
FREE counseling section holds every Wednesday at VOC office in Ikeja, Lagos
Other planned projects include:
The establishment of tuition- free schools for the poor- Primary/ secondary schools & University
The establishment of hospitals to offer free medical services for the poor
Hospital visitation project to share love and care for the sick
Prison visitation/ ex-convict rehabilitation project
Drug addicts rehabilitation project
School entrepreneurship training project
Azemobor Gregory is also the Editor-in-chief of an online news platform:, a revolutionary media that is established to report, promote, and celebrate good people, organizations, events and moral values that will help to positively transform society and make the world a better place. VOCNEWS is set to reverse the negative news reportage by the global media and set the pace for positive news only.
Azemobor Gregory is also the convener of the INTERNATIONAL CHANGE AGENTS CONFERENCE/ AWARD PRESENTATION . This annual event seeks to proffer alternative pragmatic solutions to global challenges . It is a also a forum where good people-change agents all over the world build synergy and network for greater positive impact.The event is tagged “CHANGE THE WORLD CONFERENCE”. The conference attracts change agents and delegates from countries all over the World. “Selfless Service to Humanity Awards” is also presented to outstanding individuals and organizations that are positively impacting lives in the world.
Azemobor Gregory is happily married to Joyce Azemobor, together they are blessed with two lovely kids: Gregory (Jnr.) and Wealth
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