Group distributes free clothes to indigent kids and destitutes at Agege, Lagos

Group distributes free clothes to indigent kids and destitutes at Agege, Lagos


A humanitarian organization, Voice of Divine Truth International  Outreach aka Voice of Change Network, stormed the Agege area of Lagos state recently to demonstrate love and compassion towards the  destitutes and beggars in that axis, by distributing free clothes to them. This exercise is in line with the Project-Help-a-Child Free Cloth Bank launched recently by the group. The idea behind the cloth bank project is to collect unused clothing and other household items from the rich and average income families, and share them to the poor and the less privilege amongst us. This will mitigate the ugly situation where many people go about naked or scantily dressed, especially vulnerable poor kids.

The leader of the group, Azemobor Gregory, disclosed that the organization has a divine mandate to propagate the virtue of love amongst humanity, and that is why they have embarked on various projects that practically demonstrate love. Amongst such project are : Project-Help-a-Child Global Campaign, Free cloth bank, Free hospital services, Free food Kitchen and Free educational Institutions( free primary/secondary school and free university). According to Azemobor, These facilities obviously, will make life meaningful for the poor and the less privilege amongst us.

“The vision of the organization is to build a Charity Village that will have Free cloth bank warehouse; Free hospital facility, Free food Kitchen; and Free educational Institutions( free primary/secondary school and free university. The Charity Village will become a place of solace and refuge to those that have been unfairly treated and neglected by an unjust society”, Azemobor explained.

Speaking during the free cloth distribution exercise, He said “what we are doing here is to demonstrate practical compassion by providing free clothing to our brothers and sister, and this is a strong message of love to everyone, that we should learn how to be our brothers’ keeper by lending a helping hand to the needy around us. Let me also encourage us to always give whatever we have that we don’t need to the needy. Many of us for instance, have wardrobes loaded with unused clothes! Let me say these, If you have some clothes that you have not worn for the past six months, you don’t need them, give that out to the less privilege!

“Let me also use this opportunity to invite you to partner with the free cloth bank project. If you live in Lagos and you have some clothes to donate, just put them together and give us a call we shall be there to pick them up. You could also become a Coordinator, whose duty is to talk to people and collect their unused clothes for us. Everyone can be a part of this project and together we can create a world where nobody lives in lack”

The distribution exercise at Agege, Lagos was a huge success as many indigent kids, destitutes and beggars trooped out to receive free clothing. They were full of joy and praises for the organization. It was indeed a day to remember! A day when “God’ literally visited these hapless members of the society and showed them unusual kindness

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