The Good Samaritans take the message of love to the prisons

The Good Samaritans take the message of love to the prisons


The Open Heart Samaritan Mission in Conjunction with Project-Help-a-Child Team paid a compassionate visit to the inmates in Medium Security Prisons, Kirikiri-Lagos, today 14th July 2016.

On that faithful Day, the Lord will say to you “I was in prison, you came to visit me”. What will be your response? Providing an appropriate response to that envisaged remark, is what motivated our missionary visit to the prisons today. We also deeply recommend this prison visitation experience to everyone who desires to appreciate the gift of FREEDOM.DSC_0007

 Anyway, we had a wonderful time with the prison inmates; we had an affectionate fellowship with them, which gave us the opportunity to counsel some of them. They were so happy we came. From the interactions we had with them, many were mere victims of unfair circumstances perpetuated by an unjust society. From the records of inmates displayed on their notice board, about 2,500 persons are Awaiting Trial, while only about 180 persons were already convicted and are serving their jail terms. Many of those awaiting Trials have nobody to come for their bail. The pathetic reality is that many of them who are innocent are languishing in the prisons. They have been abandoned by their families and the society to rut away. Oh! What a cruel world!

The President of The Open Heart Samaritan Mission, Mr. Favor Omomuwa, who gave a word of exhortation to the prisoners, enjoined them to be of good courage. Hear him, “That you are in prison today, is not the end of your life. God had allowed you to be here for a purpose and you will not leave this place the same way you came. You will leave here as a changed person……….” Many of them chorused a loud amen to affirm the proclamation. And by the time we were leaving, it was obvious to us by their smiling faces that, indeed, “God” had visited them  DSC_0013

The message:

Beloved, we plead with you to spare some time to visit this prisoners yourself, to show them compassion and love. They made a lot of request to us: They requested for financial assistance to support some of them to enroll for GCE Examination; They need computers in their training centre; Some of them who their family members have abandoned need legal representation and many more. They truly need your assistance! God is counting on YOU to help them. Your kind gesture will give them hope for a better future.DSC_0011

The Open Heart Samaritan Mission has secured an official permission to visit them throughout this year. Maybe, you would want to join them next time they are visiting, please just call  Mr. Favour on 08177518936, to know when next they would be visiting . . Please note that nobody is asking you for any donation, you would use their permission to gain access and assist the prisoners DIRECTLY ( Getting the permit is usually very cumbersome and frustrating)

Together we can create a world where no child lives in LACK

By Azemobor Gregory ( an  Apostle of Humanity)

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