Group to build a Charity City in Nigeria for the poor


    A humanitarian group, Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach has proposed to build a Charity city in Nigeria for the poor.

    This CITY will be a place of hope and solace for the poor and the less privilege in the society. The construction of the CITY will be completed by 2025
    It will have the following facilities:
    1. Free 5000 units of low cost housing for destitutes
    2.Free Cloth bank warehouse
    3. Free hospital facility
    4.Free food kitchen with capacity to feed 20,000 people daily
    5.Free Educational institutions ( Primary/ Secondary schools and university
    6.Free rehabilitation centres for drug addicts, beggars,prostitutes and ex-convicts
    7. Free empowerment and technical training centre for youths
    8. Radio and Television stations broadcasting only good news and promoting positive values

    join us, and together we can make this happen.Let us create a world where nobody would live in lack!

    We are determined to make life meaningful for the poor!
    Join us now! This platform is an opportunity for you to play a role for the fulfillment of your personal destiny
    To be a partner, sponsor, volunteer or donor you could reach us on +2348084701414, +2348087656176