Have you ever thought what would happen if you stop breathing right...

Have you ever thought what would happen if you stop breathing right now?


Assuming after dancing and rejoicing in the house warming of your new duplets'🏠🏡 yesternight, You woke up this morning to rush and catch up with your daily activities as you are doing right now, and  you saw your body still laying
helplessly on the bed. You were shocked, so u
tried calling your partners who was sleeping
next to you and they did not hear you mention their 
You tried to pick up your iphone 6 to call 
your (Rev) pastor or relatives and you couldn't pick it up. You tried opening your wardrobe to take off the dollars you hid there and couldn't. 
You started crying but no one heard you.
You try touching the gate to go out, but u
You went outside and your house mates were
Chatting, but you were not recognised
After some few minutes, you saw your house
Neighbours coming out of your room with a severe cry, hitting their hands on your brand new Range Rover Jeep.
All you could hear them saying is"HE IS GONE"  or "SHE IS GONE"
You stood there watching them cry and cry and crying out there heart in pains💘.
So you asked yourself WHERE EXACTLY AM I
Your spirit started crying bitterly, because you
were not prepared to start that journey so
BRETHREN where exactly do you think you are going if you
stop breathing right now?.
Are you aware of your final destination ?
Remember your creator now because we have a
place to go. So start preparing.
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