Help! Little Rokibat is going blind…..needs N1.6 Million for eye surgery

Help! Little Rokibat is going blind…..needs N1.6 Million for eye surgery


By Bennett Chukwuonu.

DSC_0004Have you ever thought of how this world would be without your eyes?  Ask Steve Wonder!  Who, inspite of his success as a world renown musician, would have loved to behold the beauty of the world around him, if just for only one day! Such is the pathetic story of an eight month Rokibat Ajibade,  whose eyes  got infected with a disease, she contracted from her mother during child birth.  According to the doctor, her  19 years old mother , Mufubat , had a venereal disease, that she was not aware of. The venereal disease, during child birth infected the eyes of the little innocent girl that is going blind right now, if something urgently is not done to rescue her sight.

The ignorant mother of Rokibat, who got impregnated by a  tout ( area boy), who lives in her neighbourhood),  had no knowledge of her medical  condition  for the 9 months period of her pregnancy. She did not know she had a venereal disease. Her carelessness has resulted into tthe eye infection, beautiful Rokibat has right now. When Rokibat was born, the mother Mufubat, discovered that her eyes were defective, the way the color looks. Instead of consulting a medical experts for assistance, she took the little girl to a traditional birth attendant [TBA] at NEW OKOBA AGEGE, LAGOS, who gave them a local eye drop that even worsened the situation…Huh… Will I call this illiteracy or foolishness? I guess this kind of mother would also need serious rehabilitation!

After the intervention of a Good Samaritan in their neighborhood; who too Rokibat’s  mother to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital for medical assistance. The LASUTH Consultant  Dr. Ehikhamhen tested her condition to determine the magnitude of damage; he then referred her case to an eye specialist hospital ST. EDMUND’S CLINIC & EYES HOSPITAL at 12, salawu street Surulere Lagos Nigeria, for proper diagnosis. After their diagnosis, they discovered that the low cornea of Rokibat’s eyes was damaged. But they gave a word of hope that the condition could still be corrected through a timely surgical operation.

Mufubat took the report back to LASUTH who now referred them to an eye specialist hospital [MECURE HEALTH CARE LIMITED] Debo Industrial Compound, Plot No. 6, Block H, Apapa – Oshodi Expressway, Oshodi Lagos Nigeria; where the medical surgery of the two eyes will take place. The surgeon stated that Rokibat would undergo bilateral penetrating keratoplasty under general anaesthesia and the COST IMPLICATION are as follows.

PENETRATHING KERATOPLASTY               –        N690,000 [PER EYES]

 TOTAL                                                           –         N1,380,000 [BOTH EYES]

GENERAL ANAESTHESIA                             –         N80,000 [PER EYES]

TOTAL                                                            –         N160,000 [PER EYES]

PRE-OP INVESTIGATION TEST                   –           N49,950

POST OP MEDICATION                              –            N30,000

THIS WILL MAKE A GRAND TOTAL COST OF       N1,619,950   (One Million six hundred and nineteen thousand, nine hundred and fifty naira)      


 The most alarming part of the scenario right now is that, the medical practitioner stated categorically that before this surgery can take place, Rokibat has to be seen by a health nutritionist because she has been malnourished by her mother and her poor grandparent.  There is also a need for this child to be relocated from their present living place immediately after the surgery to avoid re-occurrence or contamination as recommended by the specialists.

This is because the deplorable living conditions of Rokibats mother and her family.  Rokibat and the mother lives in a one room apartment with 4 siblings, 2 cousins, her- poor mother and father suffering from stroke. Making a grand total of 10 adult inhabitants living in  a squalor “face me, I face you” house, prone to deadly infections. A major concern is the state of the environment which was confirmed to be contagious and can have a very devastating effect on Rokibat after surgery as her organs are still very tender and cannot be exposeD to any risk. This means the entire family may also need to be relocated from their present Place to a more healthy environment

Therefore, brethren, lovers of humanity, kind hearted people of God, let us arise to this noble task to help save the sight of little Rokibat. I'm optimistic that YOU will not allow this little child to  go blind.Her hope of living with her sight in future is dependent on your generosity and TIMELY contributions.

For your assistance and contributions, please call Rokibats mother directly on 08087826405, Account No.: 2050613308, Bank Name: Zenith Bank, Account Name: Rokibat Ajibade or contact Dr. Temitope Ewete, MECURE HEALTH CARE LIMITED, Debo Industrial Compound, Plot No. 6, Block H, Apapa – Oshodi Expressway, Oshodi Lagos Nigeria. Remember, that every child is your child, little Rokibat  is waiting for your kind gesture to rescue her from this trauma.rokibat doc repot