Hilarious Nigerian quotes: Laugh! laugh!!

Hilarious Nigerian quotes: Laugh! laugh!!


(1)He who _refuses to mix Agege bread and akara as a type of sandwich_ is a *racist* – Martin Luther King jnr (1788)

2). He who _completely unwraps moimoi and gala_
before eating *cannot keep a secret* – Abraham Lincoln (1864)

3). Only a *courageous woman* can  _fry a bunch of plantain without tasting any_  – Albert Macauley (1872)

4). _Drinking Garri_ doesn't mean ~*u're poor*~, but _allowing the Garri to swell before drinking_ is *poverty* – Queen Elizabeth (1893)

5). Any man who _drinks Alomo bitters without squeezing his face_, is *capable of murder* – Michael Faraday (1899)

6). Any man that uses his _teeth to cut shaki from pepper soup, with his eyes wide open_, is *not afraid of anything* – Williams Shakespeare (1900)

7). Anyone who _graduates from a conventional school without experiencing a strike_, has *never been to Nigeria* – Lord Lugard (1904)

8). He who _runs around looking for scissors to cut indomine seasoning sachet_ is *not hungry* – Dr Nnamdi
Azikiwe (1947)

9). He who says _nothing lasts forever_ has *never tried Hausa perfume* – Nelson Mandela (1973)

10). No matter _how hot your temper is_, *it cannot cook yam* – Prof Jega (2015)

11). Anyone who _reads this without laughing_, is *either looking for job* or *needs money badly* – Barack
Obama (2014).

And he who _reads and does not share this_ is _*naturally stingy…*_Prince Rolex say so