Humanity: can’t we bring the change?-by Mahatabuz Zaman

Humanity: can’t we bring the change?-by Mahatabuz Zaman


Humanity ~ Can't we bring the change?

This is a true incident based on my personal experience which happened about 2 years ago. It was afternoon and I was in a tea stall having tea and samosa somewhere in Guwahati. The owner was sitted in a revolving chair near the entrance, and inside the stall I was the only customer. At that time a beggar came from somewhere and asked the owner for some water. But the owner said that the boy who serves the food has gone somewhere and will be back after 10-15 minutes and asked him to wait till then.  It felt so awkward, as the table in which the water jug and glasses were kept was just 5-6 feet away from the owner. The owner was not giving him water just because he was the OWNER, and his ego was stopping him to do so.  That day humanity was dying infront of me. I finished my tea hastily, washed my glass, filled it with water an offered it to the begger. Then I turned towards the owner, I felt the sorry in his eyes , I paid my bill and went away from there.

Ego is something which every Man possess, but whoever learns to control it becomes Human.  History remains witness to the fact that every great man became great only after he had mastered to control his greed, anger and ego. At present times, the reason for 80% divorces and breakups is ego. Love and humanity ceases to exist where ego exist. We all must try to kick out the 'devil of ego' from us and try to live as humans not just a man.

The world is changing, old values are being replaced by new ones, people are following their brain more than their heart. The rich are becoming more rich, poors are becoming more poor. Time is money, nobody wants to give their time to anybody, people are becoming more and more selfish day by day.  BUT we together can change it. All we need is some love in our heart and some determination to help others.

All we have to do is to SEE, FEEL and ACT to save humanity. First of all, we must never refuse water to any thirsty person and also never refuse food to any hungry person, if we have the capacity to provide. Secondly, we must never discriminate anyone due to his religion, caste, sex and colour. Thirdly, if someone asks for help we must always try to help if we can. Fourthly, we must never let anything wrong to happen infront of our eyes and always try to stop it if we can.

After his death, a man is remembered by his qualities, not by the wealth or education he possess. Remember, if you can't, then nobody can!!      BRING THE CHANGE..