In lust we trust

In lust we trust


Obama-360x248This article is a dirge for the soul of the United States of America. It died on June 26, 2015 when the US Supreme Court, covertly and overtly, prompted by President Barack Obama, legalised same-sex marriage. The judges’ slim 5-4 verdict severed the country from the hallowed grounds of the conjugal institution established by God, Creator of Heaven and Earth along with all their inhabitants.

His inviolable decree on marriage says it must be between two consenting opposite sexes, not among like gender. His law has worked for His plan for the perpetuation of the human race. In other words, the marital relationship involving the male and his opposite number gives life, supports life, sustains life and satisfies life. Its breach on the other hand, brings death, breeds destruction and begets disaster and sexual bedlam. How would same-sex reproduce life, if its promoters, votaries and practitioners were to have their way? It is death for those taking that road.

Their way threatens mankind with extinction since the reach isn’t for procreation but for bestial and unproductive pleasure. Obama and the US are proving to be successors of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, luring millions to their graves with effete gay music. The American leader joined several others in rhapsodic celebration to hail the Court’s ruling. He topped it by interrupting a live TV programme as he phoned a gay fellow who was on set, felicitating with him on the occasion of the judicial decision.

Coupled with how he has always heckled African nations to embrace the ideology of the LGBT throng or be deprived the US aid, this macabre dance of Obama has made some discerning observers to wonder if the American leader and his ilk are not closet gay persons.

Tragically, the US government seems to be taking most of the citizens along this broad path of perdition. The American media reported that some 60 per cent of the public newspapers interviewed moments after the ruling applauded the verdict. And then days after, Obama’s approval rating hit a two-year high. According to a joint poll involving the Cable News Network, “50 per cent of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling his presidency-which is up five points over the most recent survey and his highest approval rating since May 2013.” One of the issues the respondents took note of was the Supreme Court judgment that “affirmed” that Obama had been right all along in his fight for gay marriage recognition. The worry now is that emboldened by this victory, Washington and its allies are not going to limit their revolt against God and His marriage covenant to the shores of the US. They are poised for the mother and father of all wars to coerce the rest of the sane world to follow them the same way the evil Pied Piper did it centuries ago to destroy scores of innocent children in 13th century Germany. The stick and carrot strategy used in such struggles abound in the armoury of the Americans.

A commentator has added a sardonic concern: Homosexuality in the US decades ago was illegal. Now, it is legal. What stops the US authorities from making it compulsory? Given the finality that underscored the pronouncement of Justice Anthony Kennedy who wrote the ruling, that apprehension isn’t outlandish or misplaced. The decision outlaws same-sex restrictions all over the US, including the 13 states opposed to gay marriage. In effect, the Supreme Court is urging a negation of conventional marriage to make way for a gay community.

Alaska Supreme Court judge Roy Moore says the “decision is against the laws of nature.” He adds: “Welcome to the new world. It’s just changed for you Christians… you are going to be persecuted.” Texas Attorney-General Ken Paxton says what the justices handed down is “lawless ruling.” It has triggered a faith crisis in some citizens. A Christian woman in a Texas government office was thrown into a quandary on the day of the ruling. She first refused to issue licences when some gay chaps came to her. But her heroism wilted later. She said:”Personally, same-sex marriage is in contradiction to my faith and belief that marriage is between one man and one woman. However, first and foremost, I took an oath on my family’s Bible to uphold the law and as an elected public official; my personal belief cannot prevent me from issuing the licences as required. Moreover, my faith in Christ ensures I have compassion and respect for those who feel differently.” I have been upset by the repeated use of the word marriage by the American judges and the circle of gay adherents. It is not their coinage; nor is it their invention. It was instituted by God the Creator. I don’t accept that you can appropriate what isn’t yours and maul it as the gay people and their sponsors are doing. Let them not refer to a so-termed union between male and male and female and female as marriage. Matrimony as decreed from creation is an exclusively holy idea from a Holy God which some puny, happy-go-lucky, hedonistic bunch of people can’t arrogantly claim for perverse use. You can’t subtract from it. You can’t rearrange it to feed your rapacious lust.


It is tragic that the US that has the iconic Statue of Liberty in New York beckoning humanity’s wretched to come for warmth, comfort and hope is at once the same society waving warrants of death that come in the form of morally hollow licences leading man back in time to the loose age of Sodom and Gomorrah.

When the mighty US dollar proclaims In God We Trust as its message to the world, does it sync with the notion of faith in the One Whose institution you are thrashing, Whose pact with man on the matter of procreation you are rejecting, Whose idea of sex as a noble and regenerative activity you are rebelling against? Would that God so contemned, so condemned, so cancelled out of your life accept that He is the One being trusted? What do you trust Him for? You would trust Him to supply you with enormous resources that have transformed you into the sole superpower of the age… But alas you spend the mammoth strength, energy and prosperity to satisfy destructive lust!

It isn’t farfetched then to give this ruling: The United States of America trusts in lust!

.Ojewale, a writer and journalist, wrote in from Ota, Ogun State

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