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—By Azemobor Gregory

Current happenings in the world today paint a picture of gloom and tragedy of monumental proportions. There is a perplexing paradox of the multiplicity of tragedies in spite of our enviable feats in the advancement of science and technology: We build buildings and then bomb them; we make weapons and then use them on ourselves; we invent medicine that heals and then withhold then from the sick; we invent the internet to improve communications and then use it to destroy the moral fabric of our children. It seems to me that, all the beautiful inventions we churn out are more applied for evil than for good. And my painful submission is that the greatest threat to civil society is mankind.

Every day the flood of images on our television screens tells the sad story. Blood, death, diplomacy conflict, hatred, fear, poverty, starvation, rape, genocide, refugees and human migration, natural disasters, daily bombings, economic uncertainty, immigration, corporate corruption, moral decay, sexual revolution, and clash of counter culture- all of these are a product of our human evil disposition. And these vices give credence to the fact that we are our own worst enemy. Human attempts and efforts at salvaging a beleaguered world, at best, have only produced nothing, but vain results. All our think tanks, G-7 meetings, fiscal and immigration policies, medical advancements, social experiments, religious conferences, peace marches, and declarations of cease fire and peace on earth all seem to collapse at the mercy of our own self-imposed destructive spirit.

Many of the “noble” organizations established by mankind to promote the cause of a better world have all failed to achieve their aims: The United Nations ( UN) has failed in its quest to create a peaceful world devoid of war and crisis; The world Health Organization has not been able to mitigate the ravaging prevalence of sicknesses and diseases; The world Bank, IMF with all their fantastic fiscal and economic policies have failed to give the world lasting solutions to the problems of poverty, hunger, unemployment , social deprivations and economic inequality.
As I write this piece, a lot of pertinent questions are nagging in my mind: why is there so much hatred in the world? Why do we discriminate against people who possess human values? Why is there racism in the world? What are the benefits of war? Why do people kill in the name of religion? Why are there so many religions? Why do we have religious conflicts? Why is no one religion good enough for all men? Why can’t we love each others as humans? Why does negative news sell more than positive news? Why do we place so much value on money and material possessions? What can I do to make a difference in the world? Why has man’s scientific and intellectual advancement not been able to solve his social, cultural, and religious problems? Is there hope for our world? Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!

Frankly speaking, the contemplation of these posers have the potential to ignite a spirit of depression and despair because they expose the deficiency and defect of humanity with regards to our futile effort to chart a course of salvaging the world from the dangerous precipice of self-destruction. However, I wish to declare with optimism, that our collective quest for a better world is possible and achievable. To realize our pursuit for a better world, we must first acknowledge the fact that humanity on its own has no solutions to these problems, which are even self-imposed in the first place, either by an act of omission or commission. Then secondly, we must realize that the solutions to our problems lie only on our reconnection to the source of creation and the creator’s original concept for life on planet earth.

It is pertinent to note that, the manufacturer of any product is the best person to design the manual that guides the proper use of that product, because he created the original concept of the product. Nobody understands a product more than the manufacturer. The manual is simply a set of “dos” and “don’ts” that guides the effective use of any product. So, any user, who wants to enjoy the value of any product must of necessity, adhere strictly to the instructions of the manufacturer as enshrined in the manual. In a similar vein,, God is the sole manufacturer of all creations. He solely designed the concept for his creation. He also developed a manual for his creation. This manual is codified in the inviolable natural laws or principles that govern his creations. Just like every other manufacturer, he expects his creation to adhere strictly to his manual- the natural laws that govern the earth. It is instructive to note that all other creations except mankind, abide strictly to these principles. Humanity is in a state of malfunction because of our systemic disregard for God’s natural laws. In our “ wisdom,” we have created ideologies and systems that are antithetical to natural principles. Our systems of government, our economic system and even our religious system do not promote the tenets of God’s natural laws. It is my conviction that nothing is more dangerous than a destructive ideology sustained by human intellectualism

Let me use the abuse of God’s principle of love, by human ideologies, to drive home the proposition that the crisis in the world is self-imposed. The principle of love mandates every creation to give back to life certain amount of resources that will guarantee the survival of other creations, in order to ensure the overall sustenance of life. The principle of love is the reason why plants bear fruits for man and animal to eat; the reason why the sun gives light to enable plant photosynthesize; the reason why man exhales carbon dioxide to enable plants bear fruits. In essence, there is a web of mutual inter-connectivity amongst God’s creation. Every creation depends on one another for survive. Every other creation obeys the law of love, except man. Man’s socioeconomic ideology negates the fundamental tenet of love. His economic system of capitalism that promotes individualism is adversarial to the principle of love. Capitalism promotes excessive accumulation of resources by individuals. This process creates deprivation for others that depend on the resource we create for their survival. This is the reason why poverty, hunger and unemployment are prevalent in the world today.
Poverty is man-made. God did not create poverty. Man did. “The earth has enough to meet all our needs, but not enough to meet our greed”, as Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest souls that ever lived, rightly observed. Capitalism cannot solve the problem of poverty. It is a defective system that is antithetical to the principle of love. And of course, let me also state here, unequivocally, that all other malfeasance or vice such as crime, corruption, terror , war e.t.c that is plaguing our world, are off shoots of the inequality and injustice perpetuated by the capitalist system.
The question I have often asked is: “why would man design his own manual to govern the earth that he did not create”. To me, I think we are a victim of our own “wisdom”. And the painful reality is that we have also failed as humanity to even realize our fault and retrace our steps back to our maker, submit to his laws and supremacy over the affairs of our lives. Rather we have intensified our abortive efforts at formulating defective ideologies and systems that are plunging us further into the abyss of global quagmire
In conclusion therefore, taking a serious look at the conditions of our planet, I would like to opine that the earth is desperately in need of a new, or in this case, an alternative form of government. The spiritual, social, economic, physical environmental and cultural conditions of our earth demand a government that is superior to any we have yet invented. Humanity must submit to the sovereignty of the government of God; We must surrender to the dictates of the natural laws that rule the earth. Herein, lies the realization of a better world
Azemobor Gregory
International coordinator
Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach
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