Infallibility of the Pope and Pastors

Infallibility of the Pope and Pastors


austinBy Austin Edoho

The Roman Catholic Church remains one of the most controversial faiths in Christendom, owing to their numerous teachings and doctrines which seem to put them at loggerheads with their counterparts. A closer look at these teachings would leave you in no doubt as to why a lot of denominations regard the Catholics as being the most misguided set of Christians on earth. I want to touch on just one of these: Papal infallibility. This states and teaches that the pope can NEVER be wrong. Even when he promulgates some decrees that are antithetical to the scriptures, he is still considered to be right. We all know that God only is never wrong, and if people consider the pope as being infallible, they are attributing to him the quality that God alone possesses, thereby putting him in the same class as God, and that is idolatry!

Papal infallibility is an error propagated by demons to make an idol of the pope. I think it’s pertinent to point out here to those who have eyes but refuse to see, that the pope is just a human being in a privileged religious position. In other words, there is nothing that special about him. The concept of the pope representing God on earth is pathetically and hopelessly laughable and antiquated. Gone is the era when reading the bible was limited to a select few in the Catholic Church. The bible is available to everyone to read and understand the mind of God. Lack of understanding is the rejection of knowledge. Yes, I know that the truth is an offense to people in error, but they still need to be told.

Nevertheless, there is another dimension to the status of infallibility conferred upon religious leaders. It’s not just about the Roman Catholics and the pope, but pastors are also very guilty of this subject under consideration. How often do you hear members of a church regurgitate the garbage that they have been fed by their pastors in the name of indoctrination? A pastor once preached that masturbation is not a sin, and all his members that were indulging in it felt so happy and relaxed. Since when did pastors’ words replace or negate the written word of God? Some months ago, I listened to a man who said that any sin committed in public is not a sin. When I questioned the rationale behind his misguided theology, he confidently replied “my pastor said so”. I didn’t spend  a second arguing with him, because I could see he already had a mind-set, built into him by his pastor who has made himself a god to his members. I told the young man a very brief story about a night club that was raided by policemen and subsequently shut down because the place was a beehive of prostitution and all manner of abominable acts known to mankind. It was a place where men and women were seen having sex in full glare of the public, and no one batted an eyelid. I therefore asked him if those people were justified since the act was committed publicly. He was flummoxed. Realy taken aback. After some minutes of silence, he stubbornly said “well, I don’t know, but my pastor said that any sin committed in public is not a sin,and I know he is right”. And with that, he walked away. I stared after him with pity. He has been enslaved by the charisma and indoctrination of the pastor which teaches them to believe and obey all that the pastor teaches them. You dare not question them, hence the wrath of God will fall on you, because questioning your pastor is tantamount to challenging the authority and anointing of God upon them. They use a popular scripture to back up their lawlessness-touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. What arrant nonsense! All kinds of anointing exist nowadays. People have fallen victim to hypnotists who parade themselves as prophets and pastors. I wonder who actually anointed them to be special. Every child of God is called of God. Every child of God is anointed of God. Do not live your life at the mercy of these dictators who call themselves pastors, who expects you to obey to the letter everything they instruct you to do. They are as human as we are. The bishop, the pope, the prophet, the pastor-they are all humans, and as such, they are always wrong! Only God is never wrong. If you belong to the category of Christians who stand on the doctrine of the church, and on the word of the pastor, then know that you are standing on quicksand. Wake up from that slumber and run for your life. If you discover some unlawful practices going on in your church and you are not comfortable, please walk away from such a church. Don’t be scared of any curse. Even if all the pastors curse you, it will not affect you. Don’t allow fear tie you down in a place you know you do not belong. Anyone who sees the truth and still believes a lie is worse than an imbecile.