juliet p2By Austin Edoho

“My biggest dream is to see a Nigeria and Africa where every young woman has acquired quality education; where every young woman has honed her talents and developed herself to become a beautiful, elegant and fulfilled specie of humanity.” – Juliet Abuo


Those are the words on marble of a young amazon dedicated to bettering the lots of women in our clime… and it’s not just mere words; she is walking her talk. Her organisation is giving out scholarship to young women who dropped out of school due to premarital pregnancy; the array of other programs of the her organisation are designed to inspire, challenge and empower women to be the very best they can be.


Juliet Abuo is the Founder and Team Leader of Julietta Foundation; an NGO positioned and growing to become one of the leading non-profit organizations in Nigeria that is focused on helping girls and young women improve their access to quality education and personal development through projects like the Firstladies Conference, Elizabeth Award For Hope, Self-Esteem Clinic, Project-Push-Through-School and Project-Go-Back-To-School.


THE VISION of Julietta Foundation is to see every girl and young woman acquire quality education, hone her talents, and develop into a beautiful, elegant, and fulfilled specie of humanity. THE MISSION is to carry out activities and projects that will enhance personal development and increase access to quality education for girls and young women. THE CORE OBJECTIVES are 1. To increase access to quality education for girls and young women. 2. To enhance the personal development of girls and young women. THE THEMATIC AREAS are 1. Education. 2. Personal Development. THE TARGET GROUP are girls and young women between the ages of 13 and 30.

The flagship project of Julietta Foundation is The Firstladies Conference. This conference holds 3 times in 12 months in 3 different cities in Nigeria. The theme of the last edition held in July 2015 was BECOMING A FIRST CLASS WOMAN.

juliet 2The conference has 3 key activities that is designed for INSPIRATION, ADVOCACY and EMPOWERMENT. The inspiration activity is the conference itself, which features speakers to talk on topics bothering on self-esteem, leadership, relationship and education. The advocacy activity involves radio and TV shows and meetings with policy makers. And the empowerment activity entails giving scholarships to females who dropped out of school due to premarital pregnancy and distributing sanitary pads. Prior to the last conference, Juliet was a guest on two Radio shows and also had the opportunity of addressing an over 1000 capacity congregation on the theme of the conference.

A segment of The Firstladies conference (known as project Push-Through-School) seeks to address the issue of female students dropping out of school due to premarital pregnancy; it also seeks to inspire and challenge females to make choices in education and relationships that will position them to contribute their quota to our democracy and nation building.

juliet 4 The conference inspire and challenge young women to take issues of education, leadership and personal development seriously; some females are given scholarships to go back to school and policy makers are engaged to rethink strategies of curbing the menace of females dropping out of school due to premarital pregnancy.

Individual funders are beginning to key into the project. In the last edition of the Firstladies Conference, total strangers saw the event online and started contributing for them to buy sanitary pads. Emmanuel Dan from Georgia USA (another stranger that saw the event on Facebook) sent in the scholarship money. He has also promised to raise the scholarship money for the next Firstladies Conference billed for November 2015 and has even offered to sponsor one of the awardees up to university level.

Juliet said “We already have funds for the scholarship for the coming Firstladies Conference. Emmanuel Dan from Atlanta, Georgia will fund the scholarship. As for the sanitary pads and other logistics, I intend to ask friends to contribute. We hope to also approach corporate donors. I’m putting my ideas out there and people are beginning to get interested in what we are doing…”

juliet 5 In June 2015, Juliet was among 30 young women selected across the country to attend the Young Women in Dignity (YOWDI) Capacity Summit in Abuja, Nigeria.

YOWDI is an annual initiative in which young females shall pitch an idea solution on how best to engage government and policy makers on a particular challenge facing young women which undermines their dignity and full participation in democratic governance in Nigeria.

The first phase was the capacity summit. After the summit they were given a task to individually carry out a project that will impact young women; after this, they were invited back in July for evaluation, more capacity building and selection of the ambassador.

On the 31st of July, 2015 Juliet had the unique opportunity to test her ideas in a debate and 2 pitch sessions before eminent judges as part of the Young Women Dignity (YOWDI) Emergence Summit at the Abuja Enterprise Agency, Abuja – Nigeria. She was selected to participate in this summit for her work in Julietta Foundation, especially the Firstladies Conference and Project-Push-Through-School.

juliet 7 After the debate and pitches, she was selected as the 2nd best participant with 85.5 points while the best participant scored 85.9 points. Juliet puts it this way: “It was truly a great experience getting people to believe in your ideas and your work. I’m inspired. I’m motivated. I’m challenged.”

Juliet is a 23 year old graduate of Visual Arts from the Cross River University of Technology, Cross River State, CRUTECH; she graduated in 2012 and did her compulsory one year Youth Service with the Abuja Digest office of Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) in 2014. She also have certificates in Communication Strategies, Project Management and Computer Studies.

juliet pShe is a fine speaker and budding writer, who is passionate about helping young women improve their personal development and access quality education.

Let’s join hands with Julietta Foundation… to change the world… one woman at a time…

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