Let us give meaning to the life of these kids!

Let us give meaning to the life of these kids!


I was drawn to tears today.
We cry that there is hardship in the country, but it will amaze you the level of suffering some families are going through.

I saw this little boy today, hawking vegetables loaded in a tray, obviously heavier than him.
I asked him to take me to his mum and he did. faith-nfaithn2
We got to the mum and I harrassed her by telling her that she is not the mother of this child. She said she shared for him and the elder brother to go sell while she sells in the market for increased income.
She said her husband is a labourer with the Local Government Council and has not been paid salary for four months. She said her children attend public school but were driven for not bringing tissues, so they have not gone to school for two days. They had to help her sell the vegetables to raise the money for toilet rolls. 
At this point she started crying.

I was drawn to tears.
Dear friends and kind hearted reader, please support me to enrol this boy and his brother in a good private school. No contribution is too small. I gave her some money but we can do more for them. I will be glad to link you directly to the family. Be blessed as you do this!

By Faith Nwaozuzu. 

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