Lucky needs your help; bed-ridden 3 years after a motocycle accident

Lucky needs your help; bed-ridden 3 years after a motocycle accident


luckyBy Azemobor Gregory.

Aigbiremonlen Lucky  who hails from Emuhi, Ekpoma in Edo State is  critically down with spinal cord injury. He had a fatal Okada( motocycle) accident in 2013 when he sustained a serious spinal cord injury. Since then life has not been the same again. He has spent all the resources he had to take care of his condition, but all to no avail. He has been to various hospitals without remedy to his pathetic situation. Due to paucity of funds, he is presently undergoing treatment at a herbal home-EBOHON BONE DOCTOR. The location is after Ewu monastery, along  Benin-Auchi Rd. Ask of Ebohon the bone doctor, after the block industry. There you would find Lucky and his amiable wife, who has been by her side for the past  two and half years now.

Because of his condition, Lucky cannot walk on his own. He has to be carried from place to place. And this responsibility falls on her loving wife, who had to abandon her petty, trade just to care for her husband. She would be the one to bath him, carry him to the toilet and feed him. These, she has done for the past two and a half year now.

Since this predicament befell them, lucky who is the breadwinner of the family, is now unable to provide for his wife and their lovely kid. Lucky now finds it very difficult to cater for his family, not to talk of having the money for his medical treatment. Part of the reason why he is now in a herbal home, is because he could no longer afford the exorbitant fees charged by specialist hospitals.

Lucky is a dire need, and should be supported by all good people with the milk of human kindness. Let us not watch Lucky go through this anguish alone. Let us share his pain and show him some love. The bond of humanity is that, what affects one affects all. I want to appeal to my good people of Esan land, Edo State and Nigeria in general, let us reach out to Lucky in Love. Our love is the LUCK he needs at these trying times. As you do this, God will guarantee your divine health also, and cause men to help you during your time of need

Lucky needs money for his medical treatment. His condition requires the services of a specialist hospital, not just the herbal home. His family needs to be sustained. Please reach out to him and support him with your “widow’s mite”. Nothing is too small. You can also pray for him. He also needs your encouragement. Become your brother’s keeper today! Call Lucky directly on 07035031259. His wife’s number is 08072020851. The bone doctor- Ebohon phone number is  08062901366. Those of us that live around Edo state that would want to visit him, the address is:After Ewu monastery, along Benin-Auchi Rd, there is a block industry ask of Ebohon the bone doctor.