Man Establishes Business For 58-year-old Beggar Who Begs For Alms

Man Establishes Business For 58-year-old Beggar Who Begs For Alms


As share on Mackenson Saintlot's facebook page.Before and after: She is called Claudianne Joseph, is 58 years old. We would meet her in the corner with a bowl in hand,(PORT AU PRINCE, HAITI) she would ask, when seeing me, she says ,"Please give me a gift of something to eat." My heart was touched.

saintloth1saintlot2As I saw her, I learned that she has breast disease, and the breast would leak blood. She is sick on both of her breasts, one becomes reasonably healed. But the other has yet to be reasonably healed. She said that she lost one of her bra in her house when she found it she wore it her breast become infected. I bought food for her, bought her clothes, got her bathed and groomed her. The saddest thing is that she had 9 children. But only one lives who is 15 years old. Her husband died too. When I had heard this, I deemed it necessary to give her a little trade, because there are situations you see a person you can not just pray for them or give them food for a day. I want to give her something she can sustain with everyday, don't give a person fish everyday teach them how to go fishing then they wont ask you everyday.
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