Meet a School that offers free education for poor children in Lagos

Meet a School that offers free education for poor children in Lagos



As I was going through the Punch newspaper of July 1, 2016,a caption inside the newspaper caught my attention, " Lagos Charity School begs for survival" . I quickly read through the story with rapt attention. But what amazed me was that, the reporter presented the story as a mere news item with no much focus on arousing people's compassion to support the school. I called the newspaper’s official contact phone number, told them about the story and demanded to get the contact details of the school owner. They thereafter sent me the phone number of one Mrs Mercy Temidare ( the founder/proprietress). I called her immediately and promised to visit her.DSC_0384
True to my promise, Project-Help-a-Child team paid her a compassionate visit, today( 11th July,2016). The purpose of our visit was to identify with the good work that she is doing and also to use our platform to get public support for the school.
According to her the school was founded as a response to a divine calling to help poor children gain access to basic education. Hear her, " In 2010, God inspired me to start a charity school. I had nothing. So I approached my Redeemed Church parish pastor and told him about the vision, he almost discouraged me. He told me it wasn’t possible to run a charity school and that I should perish the idea. But I refused to listen to him. I went ahead to start the school with my personal savings. This place we are using now, was an uncompleted building with no roof on it. The landlord gave us the place with an agreement that I would complete the building, and whatever I spend would be calculated as our lease rent. I used my personal money to make the roofing and provide furniture for the students.DSC_0356DSC_0322

“Since 2010, I have been using my personal money to pay the few teachers and run the school without help from anybody. The burden has been too much on me. In 2013, I almost closed down the school because I could not pay my teachers any longer. But many of the parents came to the school crying and I was moved with compassion to rescind my decision. All my teachers have stopped working because I could not pay them. Right now I have just only one teacher that I manage to pay N15,000 monthly.

“My brother, do you know that many of the children come to school without food, and we have to provide food for them. We have a total of 65 pupils from Nursery section to Primary six.
“The Lagos State officials have even been here. They commended the work we are doing, but so far no support has come from them. Many NGO’s have also been here, they made a lot of promises, but up till now, no help has come from anywhere. Some media organizations like AIT, and Punch newspaper have done their bit to create awareness for what we do also. Right now my hope is only on God. The obstacles and challenges are daunting! But I have told God that instead of me to close down the school because of lack of support, ‘let me just die doing this work’. But thank God your Team is here today. I am sure God sent you to revive my hope and confidence in him…………”DSC_0317DSC_0336
I had to interject to console her. As she spoke one could feel the effusion of genuine passion for the noble work she is doing. “Madam, don’t worry, you were right when you said God sent us here. Truly, God sent us here. I believe the time for Him to help you is now. God will send partners to support this work. This building will be completed and furnished. You will get more teachers to help you, so you could enroll more pupils into the school. I am sure this place can take up to 400 poor students…….” As I spoke her countenance brightened up and it was certain we had restored hope to a great woman with a heart of gold.

Beloved, I am not just writing this to entertain you or to show you what we can do. But this is a clarion call to help save a noble project that is impacting on the life of poor children. The school: Alive and Awake Royal Charity School is located at 10, Oriade street, Ajala bus/stop, off Lagos/ Abeokuta Express Way, Abulegba, Lagos. The founder/proprietress is Mrs Mercy Temidare. You can visit the school to verify and see for yourself or call her on 07057863910,08128785688. The school building needs to be completed; they need furniture, books, uniform; they need at least six teachers( right now she has just one teacher). The school needs committed partners. You can afford to pay for one teacher monthly ( N15,000). PLEASE CALL MRS TEMIDARE, ALL SUPPORT GOES TO HER DIRECTLY. 
Beloved, you are not reading this post by accident; God wants you to do something. This is not about Project-Help-a-Child or Mr. Greg. This is a call to serve humanity. Don’t close your heart of compassion. Whatever you give to the poor, you give to God. And He is the one that rewards all good works. He will reward your seed of compassion.
Remember service to man is service to God!
Together we can create a world where no child lives in LACK!
God bless you richly
Project-Help-a-Child Team