Meet a ‘wonder church’ that provides free water supply to Ajegunle-Lagos community

Meet a ‘wonder church’ that provides free water supply to Ajegunle-Lagos community



DSC_0130In the previously termed “slums” of Ajegunle, the indigenes have been known to commute outside the Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCG), for reasons unrelated to worshipping, but to gain access to the free water supply provided by the ministry.

Given the inability of past local governments to make accessible to the populace adequate water supply, for four years now, RCCG parish has provided free water supply to the community of ……. with no strings attached.

During the last general election, in order to win the heart of the electorate in this community,  the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) dug up a bore-hole that would meet their water need. But immediately after the election, the project was abandoned, as the said bore-hole has now become a mere facility for decoration, rather than sustenance, due to its ineffectiveness to meet the water need of the poor community.

As stated by Pastor Abayomi Oluwato, the Pastor in charge of Zone Eighteen of Lagos Province Eleven of RCCG, he just thought the church should make an impact in the society.

“I just thought the church should make an impact in the society. I mean, the community should know that the church of God is here”.

“We are privileged to have a bore-hole in the church and we use it maybe three times in a week and the facility is there, so why don’t we extend it out for the community to benefit from.”

The community members revealed also that they are not members of the church but are from other denominations. Some stated that they were Catholics, others Deeper life, and a couple of them were Anglicans.

Furthermore, the Zonal Pastor of RCCG stated that all the wells in the area are now dry and people have to come a long distance to make use of the church water supply.

DSC_0060He further stated, “In the area, all the wells are dry, this is the only means. Sometimes when there is no light, we buy fuel or diesel to power the small or big generator.”

 He likened their efforts at providing free water supply for the people, to the noble ideals Jesus Christ stood for while he was on earth. He remarked, “showing the love of Christ to the society, should be the essence of the gospel.”

Also, the international coordinator of Voice of Change Network, Mr Azemobor Gregory, who led the Project-Help-a-Child team to visit this “wonder church” was full of praise for the Zonal RCCG pastor, Abayomi Oluwato for his Christ-like disposition to the need of the community. He said, “ Sir, I want to appreciate God for your life, for using you to bring succour to the life of the poor people around here. No preaching of the gospel can be more effective than when we practically show the love of Christ to the people around us. Well done sir. My prayer is that, perhaps many other parishes of RCCG and other churches would emulate this noble gesture and become more responsive to societal needs “


DSC_0070According to Azemobor, if the churches were to be community-need focused, they would have effectively supported the government in enhancing the quality of life of the people and by extension creating a peaceful society devoid of crime and violence. He took a swipe at the numerous ‘prosperity churches’ who amass so much wealth from the donations from their members and yet deny them of any social support. Hear him, “ I think it is wicked for a church to build a school or hospital with  members’ donations and then turn around to charge the same member exorbitant fees. This act is most unchrist-like, to say the least. I think it is high time we began to redefine the gospel of love that Christ came to preach”

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