I run a foundation for Widows called Faithful Widows foundation. I went to my bank on this faithful day for a business transaction. 
Little did I know that the cry of some orphan children had reached the throne of God and divinely my steps have been ordered to the bank on that day to meet their helper, sent by God – Mrs Ijeoma Obiagwu, 
or how else can I explain the episode I am about to

Late last year, I went to the bank for a transaction and while waiting to be attended to, I got talking with this amazing woman who works there in the bank, I later got to know her as Ijeoma Obiagwu. I started sharing my passion about the care for widows with her.

She told me her passion is to support poor kids (orphans and vulnerable children), she narrated how she will go to the hospital from time to time and deposit money for that unknown kid who may not be able to afford a hospital bill and I was amazed!! She said she usually saves money for that purpose and most times she will visit the orphanage and give to the kids there.

I commended her and told her that in the course of our widows outreach in the communities, we usually come across orphans and vulnerable children who are in dire need of help. She told me that if I can help her identify such kids that she will be happy to help them.

I quickly moved to the community with my program officer, we first prayed that God should direct us to the poorest of the poor who are really in need of this help.

Our first place of visit was Ijibor commununity in Bekwarra Local Government Area of Cross River State. 
We met a widow and asked her to direct us to poor orphaned kids that are in dire need of help. The widow replied that a lot of people are suffering in the village but some are worst than others. I told her yes! I needed to visit those worst cases.

She didn’t think twice before taking us to this old man (a grandfather) with two children, Cynthia, 8 years old and Godspower, 4 years old. They lost both parents and are being taken care of by their old grandfather who is not working.
Only Cynthia was attending a community secondary school (JSS1) while Godspower was not in school yet. We interacted with the father and he said he could not afford to enrol him in school, that even feeding them is a challenge.

From there we located a girl called Dorathy who has lost both parents and was being cared for by her old grandmother. She was also out of school, she was 10 years old, she was very sick when we met her.

We also located Christopher whose mother is a widow and very poor. She could hardly fend for him, she couldn’t even rent a room for herself and her kids to stay, she lived in an old abandoned park. 
Finally we also located blessing and Emmanuel. They are all six (6) in number.

I came back to Ijeoma Obiagwu and showed her picture clips of these kids and narrated their ordeal to her, she was close to tears as she took up the burden and asked that we get Dorathy to the hospital immediately for medical care. She had boils all over her body. 
Ijeoma took care of her medical bills as the doctor ran series of tests on her and recommended drugs.

She got provisions and foodstuff supply for the kids. She took over sponsorship of their education and put the six of them in one of the best private schools in Ogoja Local Government Area called DREFS ROYALE MONTESSORI SCHOOL. She buys uniforms, books, pays for bus service and provides foodstuffs from time to time for these kids.

In December, she bought clothes & shoes for all the kids during the Christmas season.

Recently she rented an apartment (a flat) and furnished it, to nurture these kids better, hired a paid nanny to care for them so that they can be more adequately catered for.

She takes care of their medical bills too even when it

Ijeoma has a big dream and says she wish to increase the number of the kids to be sponsored with time.

I call her the lady with the heart of gold. 
In over ten years of charity work, I have not come across her type. 
She is proudly supported by her darling husband as both of them visit these kids in school with lots of gifts from time to time.

I initially thought they were childless until I discovered they have three wonderful children.

What can i say, but that God who sees in secret will reward her openly and her fountain will never run dry. We pray that God will help her to fulfill her dream of having a free school for the orphans. See photos.

God bless and reward you immensely. IJEOMA Obiagwu & FAMILY.