Meet the traditional ruler who offers free meal for poor people in...

Meet the traditional ruler who offers free meal for poor people in his palace


The Emperor of Greater Iwo Empire, Oba Akanbi initiates free meal for all.

The Emperor, Greater Iwo Empire, His Majestic Emperor Oba Abdul-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Ilufemiloye) Telu I had earlier this week announced to all and sundry of Greater IWO Empire via the Greater IWO Empire whatsapp group where the think-tanks and great men of nobles share ideas and gets updated information on how the Monarch is being transforming the empire to the world class standard.

The Monarch promised that FOOD BANK INITIATIVE will not be limited to palace, it will be extended to other strategic locations as time goes. This initiative to feed all and make sure no one goes hungry in the city. This will start by feeding anyone that is in need and especially those with no substantial food.

The FOOD BANK PROGRAM INITIATIVE will be taking place at the Palace of Oluwo starting from Monday. At present, it will be for three days a week. Any interested sundry will be allowed to walk in to the palace for a delicious free meal once a day and water.

The Emperor Oba Akanbi stated that this will just be the starting and a test run for now while it is limited to 3 days a week and and will be later extended to 7 days a week as said by the Monarch.

With a specification, the following days have now being earmarked for free meal at the place-Monday, Wednesday and Friday as the free meal days