Mrs. Amaka Okeke Receives ₦23,000 to start a Food Business, with Additional...

Mrs. Amaka Okeke Receives ₦23,000 to start a Food Business, with Additional ₦17,000 for Her Children’s School Fees

Mrs Amaka receiving the cash donation for her business and children's school fees.

Recall yesterday, we shared the pathetic story of Mrs Amaka Okeke, a young widow, who lost her husband, a police officer serving in Plateau State, to a tragic illness in November 2015. Since then, life has been painfully difficult for her and her lovely twin daughters.

In order to survive, she took to selling Okpa (Maize cake) which she hawks from one place to another and the little money she makes from the business is barely enough to cater for herself and her children. She lives at Ogba, but most times she would have to trek to Ikeja and Oregun carrying the food item on her head looking for whom to buy on a daily basis.

Today, the Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach team paid her a compassionate visit and made cash presentation of ₦23,000 to enable her to start another more lucrative petty business. She gave us an estimate of ₦23,000 to start a food business. According to her, she is starting tomorrow without delay.

Mrs Amaka receiving the cash donation for her business and children’s school fees.

Hopefully, the proceeds from the business should be able to cater for her family. Additionally, we also gave her ₦17,000 for the school fees of her children – Faith and Favour (who were driven out of school due to her non-payment of their fees), their fee is ₦8,500 for each of them per term. God willing, they too should resume school tomorrow.

For those persons who would still love to support Mrs Amaka Okeke, she can be reached on 08068210247.
Our target is to empower 1000 Widows with a free grant of ₦20,000 each, to enable them to start or boost their petty businesses. The goal of this project is to economically empower poor widows to improve their livelihood and be able to cater for their families.

The core message of our widow’s empowerment project;
Beloved, the only reason why we are showing you the videos and pictures of our charitable activities is to practically teach, demonstrate and inspire you to imbibe the message of love for humanity. As you watch and see us help widows who are in need, please be inspired also to do likewise. There are Widows around you, go out of your way to show them the love of God. God will not come down from heaven to that; you should represent His interest here on earth.

Do you want to be part of this project? Why not join us now! With ₦20,000 donation, you can lift a widow and her family out of poverty.

And if you wish to be our financial partner, to support other widows, please kindly call or WhatsApp: +2348084701414 or +2348087656176.
You can also visit,, Instagram: @gazemobor, @voiceofdivinetruth.

God bless you richly as you make this move.

Many thanks to all our beloved brothers and sisters, who believe in this cause and have made generous donations to support the project. God bless you all. We appreciate you.

Thank you for allowing God to use you to support the cause of the poor.