Mrs. Sophy Mbanisi, A noble woman with a heart of Gold

Mrs. Sophy Mbanisi, A noble woman with a heart of Gold




The appellation “A woman with a heart of Gold” does not comprehensively and adequately describe the person of Rev. Mrs. Sophy Mbanisi, the founder of Healing Hearts Foundation, the Humanitarian Organization that has over the years done so much to alleviate the plight of the down-trodden and less-privileged ones in the society. The Bible authoritatively and unequivocally holds the assertion that “by their fruits, you shall know them”, and assuredly, the fruits that this organization has over the years borne can attest to the fact that Mrs. Mbanisi’s motive for establishing the foundation was not prevaricated upon greed, like some organizations who specialize in making a fortune out of the misfortune of others; rather her acts stem from a sincere heart burdened by the plight of vulnerable women and children across the country and beyond. The Foundation which has now grown to become the proverbial umbrella sheltering hundreds of women and children didn’t start out big. According to the founder, she used to gather the poor, widows, and less privileged, cooked food for them to eat, and still gave them some take-away food for their children at home. She believed that God blessed her to be a blessing to others. After some time, the number of people she was catering for gradually increased. There was need then for her to formally and officially establish the organization. She believes that everything great starts small, and wouldn’t just boom overnight, but if truly God is involved, the growth would be gradual and steady, though it may be pic5slow. While recounting the origin of the organization, Mrs. Mabanisi in a very calm but audible voice narrated, “I used to call them together, pray with them, and encourage them. After which I fed them and sent them home with extra food. But it soon dawned on me that most of these women needed empowerment so they can stand on their feet. I didn’t just want to be giving them fish, but I had to teach them how to fish, and also provide them with the necessary tools to fish with. It was therefore imperative for me to organize some practical training programme for them. So every year, we organize one month training for them which holds on four Saturdays. After the training, we go ahead to empower some of them financially to set up their business. We organize various meetings where over 700 widows and aged ones gather”. The activities of Healing Hearts Foundation doesn’t just center on providing for widows, it also extends to caring for children. They provide free food to children in two public schools in Isolo, and Mushin, Lagos. The first school has about 180-200 pupils, while the second has about 480-500 pupils. These kids also do not have to worry about where or how to celebrate Christmas because the Healing Heart Foundation takes care of that by organizing a lavish Christmas party for them where they are fed and given gifts to lighten up the season.

This soft-spoken Anambra state born minister with a very humble and quiet disposition is currently assisting her husband to run their company-Banex paints.

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You can partner with, or support this great organization committed to changing lives, and putting smiles on tired and sad faces.